Random Monday notes

DUMBTH: The lost art of thinking and Lane Kiffin
Lane Kiffin allegedly violated ANOTHER NCAA recruiting rule by allowing ESPN cameras to film his interaction with a recruit. DUMBTH! Tennessee Volunteer fans should really consider buying their idiot, err, young coach this classic book by Steve Allen, Dumbth: The Lost Art of Thinking With 101 Ways to Reason Better & Improve Your Mind . The poor guy needs all the help he can get.

If being a dumbass is part of Kiffin’s master plan, then Lane is on the path to greatness.

Secrecy and college football
Here is a shock, colleges and universities are using federal privacy laws to keep information secret. The Columbus Dispatch published a nationwide study on public access to NCAA violation information. (Two stories: here and here.) Alabama and Auburn were both mentioned. According to the report, 11 schools “did not produce a single document in six months” these 11 “schools included Auburn, North Carolina, UCLA.” The Tuscaloosa News joined the conversation about public records access with a piece on how the University of Alabama has withheld information from the public in the textbook case.

The Dispatch story also included a comments from regular Paul Finebaum Radio Network commentator Donald Jackson. “The extension of the legislation was never intended for (the protection of) Smooth Sonny Johnson, the booster at X University, who slides quarterback Joe Smith $500 for coming to his house to deliver the newspaper,” Jackson said. “But that is the practice.”

The Dispatch also spoke with the author of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, former US Senator James L. Buckley. For anyone concerned about how public institutions behave, these stories are important; if you don’t want state universities to become another Jefferson County, then close supervision by the public (and media) is critical.

Media news
General Electric and its media division, NBC-Universal, attempted to punish the Hollywood Reporter after the trade newspaper covered shareholder discontent over the conglomerates’ love affair with the Obama administration. You can read all the details here. Disgusting.

Bear Country
Roll Bama Roll has the details on the play Bear Country. It will be in Birmingham during the month of August.

The economy
Larry Kudlow outlines some fears growing among bond traders that inflation could make a comeback. Kudlow notes that M2 is “growing at the fastest pace in 25 years,” and the Fed might no longer be so independent. Also, for all the troubles at the New York Times, there are still interesting stories like this one on the tensions among the president’s economic advisers.