Big Cat Weekend helps Alabama, LSU

The Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers may be the beneficiaries of Auburn’s Big Cat Weekend. How you ask? Track Em Tigers provides the answer. According to the Auburn website, “The fallout from last weekend is quietly being felt by Auburn coaches this week. They have spent much of their time taking calls from other recruits who were not invited to the event or in some cases, just ignoring them.”

And there is more from Track Em Tigers, “I talked to a four-star recruit’s father yesterday who’s looking for answers as to why his son was not invited. The kid has offers from virtually every big school in the country including Auburn. Phone calls to assistants Tracy Rocker and Jay Boulware have gone unanswered. Meanwhile, Alabama has pounced on the opportunity and the kid now appears to be leaning toward Bama and LSU.”

Whoops! It looks like all that recruiting momentum might be stalling a little.


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    I almost feel sorry for Auburn. I will give credit where credit is due. When Chizik was first hired, I laughed. However, he quietly put together a good coaching staff.

    If you are a 5 and 19 coach and the other school in the state is dominating not only your state, but also the country in recruiting, you must come up with some type of gimmick. You have got to try something, anything to get your school in the news. I will give him credit for trying, but it looks like it may have blown up in his face.

  2. 2

    You quote an Auburn web site that said this… You slanted your article… Get some jounalistic integrity.. That article also had this to say, is it truthful.. If the school to the north can allegedly hand out favors in Gadsden like Halloween candy, who cares if the staff orchestrated a little pep rally around Toomer’s Corner?

    They also said this: “You’d be hard pressed to knock the smiles off the faces of Auburn coaches this week. Turn on the television or crank up the internet and there they stand – all smiles. The little staff that could has done it again. Big Cat Weekend on the Plains was deemed by most a rousing success.

  3. 4
    E.G White

    Growup?!!! Are you people completely insane? He was quoting your own damn website. Besides it’s the truth! For Christ sake, how many commitments has your so called recruiting blast netted to date? ZERO! And Seastrunk appologized personally to CNS. He’ll probably be wearing Crimson and White next year. Hell no bamafag, Caps not gonna quote that Gadsden lieshit. You are an inbred tard. I better not run into you at a game runnin’ that lyin’ ass Barner shit under the cloak of a Bama name! Understand fag!

  4. 5

    I guess it’s like asking all the supermodels out and getting shot down by all of them, only to realize that all the decently good-looking girls are already taken.

  5. 6
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Oskie………..Ive tried to be civil. I really dont know why. I offered an olive branch to you and you have now taken a dump on it. So therefore, the gloves are off.

    I was all about giving Kiffen the benefit of the doubt, not anymore. Pompous jackarsed Tennessee fans like you have officially made me loathe Tennessee. So I will give a summation of your coming “Kiffen Era”……

    He has the coaching prowess of Mike Shula. I dont care how good Monte is on defense, he is no better than Bamas D coodinator during Shulas years. Kines had stellar defenses and better talent than most like to admit, but Shula couldnt make it happen. Neither will Kiffen. By year two all of the premadonnas you have on the team will be just like Bama or worse. Half will be incarcerated 2 or 3 times a season. They will have zero disciplin, because thier coach has zero disciplin. But people like you will still defend the goob. Year three will be a total meltdown and he will resign under pressure , then probably write a tell all book on your boosters and Administration. All the while during his tenure he will shoot off at the mouth pissing off the likes of Saban and Meyer to the point of running the score up on him to the tune of 73-3……

    Yes delusional UT fan, enjoy the kiffen years.

    Now go back to the hills with your sister/wife/cousin/goat………..

  6. 8

    Ballplay, you don’t know jack about me. I encourage you to read 3SIB if you want to see my opinions on the state of UT football, including Kiffin. You have a knee-jerk reaction and accuse me of being a Kiffin apologist.

    Why are you attacking me over this? I just made a comment that this move could end up being foolhardy if you don’t get any of those “big cats,” especially if the “little cats” are ticked off, too. Nothing that your own fans haven’t already said.

    Don’t be that guy who gets mad when someone says something that is true. You are doing precisely what you are accusing me of doing: Defending retarded moves by your coaches just because they were done by your coaches.

  7. 9

    I didn’t finish my thought at the end of that first paragraph: I’m the first guy to criticize Kiffin. Among our writers, I’m known as the reasonable Vol fan of the group. And as an FYI for you, reasonable is defined as “having the faculty of reason” or “possessing sound judgment,” seeing as you have no concept of what that means.

    Nice work on the goat/sister comment by the way. Let the record reflect that I haven’t used the following phrases to hurl insults at Auburn, despite Ballplay’s insistence on accusing me of being an inbred goatf***er: Cow college, Barn, Barner, or Aubarn.

  8. 11
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What is sad is this………You sound just like a bammer. That is by foar the worst insult a man could recieve.

  9. 13
    E.G White

    Good evening ‘gentlemen’. I don’t need to say nothin’. I’ll leave you guys to your little love spat. Still tryin’ to figure out bamafan. Sometimes he almost sounds normal. RTR!

  10. 14

    The original article was a tad silly. You reprinting it is even sillier.

    Kids largely know how hard they are being recruited compared to other kids already, Big Cat Weekends or not. And they make their decisions accordingly. If it bothers them, they look elsewhere. If it doesn’t they stick with the school they want to go to if they can get in.

    Plus, the article assumes this was the only such event and only group of important prospects that the AU staff has planned. There’s a lot of time between now and February to schedule other events around an pack of elite recruits that would be totally different from this bunch.

    The hand wringing, and you gleaning hope from it, is much ado about nothing.

  11. 15

    Instead of gimmicks (Recruiting limos rolling a worthless old tree, fancy offenses, ghetto-style rhetoric) Why not just go out and actually meet the kids and try to sell them what your school is offering. Or is that too much like being right?

  12. 17

    Well – that “Gadsden Shit” just keeps being flung at the wall – problem is it’s not sticking .

  13. 18

    I was reading over on Jon soloman’s blog at that the gadsden shit was coming unglued and the people behind it where startin to cut each others throats. You might want to read it…..

  14. 19
    E.G White

    Hey Cap, what the hay??? What’s up with the Barn and Gadsden? I’ve been runnin the blogs over at LSU and Tennessee and Florida and the Barn and DAMN!!! They’re saying that Gadsden has backfired on the Barn! That it was nothin more than an elaborate conspiracy propegated by ‘irontiger’ to destroy Bama. And now one of the members has turned ‘deep throat’ and is spilling his guts allover the net. They say that the Barn has bit the big one because one of our recruits mom recorded AU’s offer to her son and it’s been turned over to the investigators. They’re saying that Kendall Kelly really does have a new car because after he got his Bama scholarship his mama used some of his now unneeded college fund to buy it for him. And that’s apparently just the tip of the Iceberg! Man from what I’ve been hearing the AU people have been runnin for cover en-mass cause there’s a SH*T STORM coming! So what’s up? What’s the skinny???

  15. 20
    14 trooper

    What a joke of a website. Cap has writing ability of a three year old. Your articles are like toilet water. spin it biatch. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!

  16. 21
    14 trooper

    E>G> U wish dude. Is that the only way u can make yourself feel better. Honestly that whole gadsden thing is a joke. I mean does it look like sabans worried? That guy is out recruiting
    the nation right to all au fans running there mouth about gadsden, shut up. your a disgrace to AUBURN.

  17. 22
    E.G White

    Trooper 14, nobody in the Bama nation that actually knows Bama has ever been worried about Mobile or Gadsden! CNS has a system that works and has told the boosters ‘Hands Off! You want a championship program again and Bama doesn’t need that kind of help. What you’ll end up doing is get us the death penalty and then where will you be?’ If a booster messes with his process, little Hitler would strangle the S.O.B. in front of a national television audience! Dude we’re not in the least worried about Gadsden. But it looks like you ought to be! LMFAO! Check your own official website ITAT. That’s ‘Inside The Auburn Tigers’ in case you don’t know! RTR!

  18. 23
    14 trooper

    Wasnt impling that u were worried. May have written that wrong. Oh dude im with u. Gadsden has always been like this. Only today we have blogs and idiots. To tell u the truth it wouldnt surprise me if tubs did that. Imho, i think he was trying to bring au down to where it was in tubs first year. Kind of like a punch in the face to the au powers that be. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!

  19. 24
    14 trooper

    E.G, Guess i didnt write that wrong. Oh well, u took that as a insult that saban is out recruiting the nation? Ok? I know its gets a little rough between au and bama fans but im here to talk objective football. If were going to get into it lets team up and attack ugay or UcheaT. Imo other sec teams arent in au or bamas league when it comes to passion for our teams. Hate it when they show up and pick sides. WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  20. 25
    E.G White

    Ha ha! Operation ‘Red Dog’ blew up in their faces! ITAT has come clean and the AU administration has told ‘irontiger’ and his croneys to STFU! Parents of recruits and the whole town of Gadsden are singing like Canary’s about AU recruting improprieties. And now Tony Franklin reveals the backbiting, dysfunctional ‘Barner Fambuleh’! Wow, the AU administration and booster organization are just like their fan base – Bama obsessed, insanely suspicious, lying, tards. RTR!

  21. 26
    E.G White

    Trooper 14, I certainly wasn’t upset with what you said about CNS. He is bustin’ his ass recruiting, because he’s not worried about BS like Gadsden. He knows his staff hasn’t done anything wrong and that the boosters damn well better not sabotage his process with stupidity like Albert Means again. CNS is the coach now, not Mike the molester Dubose. That crap not only is unnecessary, It’ll get us the death penalty in our current status with the NZAA. No, I was pissed off because you appeard to be saying that I was making up all that crap about Auburn and the turnaround situation in Gadsden. Man all you have to do is Google the Monkey Advertiser and read T. Franklins revelations of the dysfunctional family you have at the Barn, and you will realize that the powers at your alma mater are capable of most anything lowlife that you can imagine. Sorry dude. It’s really sad. Hey it’d be nice if you really are a logical Barner. That’d be a nice change! RTR!

  22. 27

    It does amaze me how the main instigators in this have disappeared like a fart in the wind from all of the blogs.
    Over at
    aubtiger trublua aut6,dilworth and daboog have all disappeared.

  23. 28
    14 trooper

    E.g, look i love auburn but it wouldnt surprise me one bit if tubs had done that. Ive heard about the mom of a former linebacker at gadsden but just like the chargers, its just crap. I mean you know as well as i do all of the rumors that come out of that place. For decades. Anyway, what do you think bama will do this tear? Anybody? WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

  24. 29
    14 trooper

    TMC1, You love this stuff, don’t you? Ive seen some of your post over at the blogs. You love just pokin’ around tryin’ to stir it up. How old are you? Just wondering. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!

  25. 30
    14 trooper

    Objective, i was right there with you when chizik was hired. I laughed for days about the kid at the airport. Then the barkley thing. GEEZ!! I have to say that its not looking that bad as of now. Your right, au had to go off the scale to try and do something.I’m curious as to why you think “Big Cat” hurt au. If its because of the recruits that got there feelings hurt then i have to kinda disagree. Its a fine line to do that but there could be a huge reward for it also. If we don’t get any of “Big Cat” visitors then we end up like last year anyway. Coin flip. WAR EAGLE!!!!

  26. 31

    Old enough to know better.
    Yet….. it is nice to see some people twist and turn in the discomfort that they created for themselves out envy and spite.
    Yeah… that pretty well sums it up.

  27. 32

    Big Cat.
    That has to be the stupidest promotion yet. It out lamed the “Tiger Prowl” exponentially….Can you imagine being a recruit and having people try to impress you by rolling a tree? I outgrew that whole halloween thing when I was like 16.
    Dont you know that there was someone in the group of prospects who was laughing his ass off at the yokels who were trying to impress them with that half-witted hayseed stunt.
    Well at least there wasnt a hayride afterward….. YEE HAW!!!!!

  28. 33

    Next up for the Auburn Tiger coaching staff…. The Tiger Stalk….
    It is when they start following recruits everywhere they go blaring tunes like “Dont you want me Baby!” and “Every Breathe you take” on thier car stereos. Those fancy new cassette players mind you!

  29. 34
    14 trooper

    TMC1, yeah i guess you are old enough? And if you think prospects dont laugh at bammy then you are in a closet. thats the thing agout a small percentage of bammys. Yall post like elitist and can barely hold a job. Nice? I have to tell you i laughed good about the “tiger stalk” LOL. Good one, for a 3rd grader.

  30. 35
    14 trooper

    TMC1, oh and saban doesnt do promotional stunts for recruits? Yeah, gotcha? Then what about “stars fall on tuscaloosa.” CRICKETS. Saban has his hand in everything. Recruiting sites, local media, and for sure the hs coaches who all played for the “bear.” I mean dude he owns the hs in mississippi. The one where rod woodson came out of and damien robinson this year. Also au commit shun coleman. Only reason au got him is cause he is only 3stars. See the “soft verbal” by colemans. As soon as he gets more stars he will commit to bama. Watch and see. WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 36


    I am 45. And retired. I will never have to work again if I choose not to. I have been traveling the world for the last couple years.(doesnt that sound a bit expensive for the average Joe?) And am currently in Tasmania. No shit. But I still stay pretty well connected.

    I am not ashamed and I dont apologize for that either. I worked hard to get to this place in my life. I dont want to punch someone else’s clock.
    But to be honest with you …. I wish I was young enough to be in the 3rd grade again.
    I will clue you in on something.
    Money is a renewable resource… there will always be money to be made out there. But TIME is something you cant replace. Once it goes it is gone.
    I suggest you live hard, love well and make everyday count. Be slow to anger, quick to laugh and never put up with bull shit. Call things as you see them and only apologize on your own terms.
    And by all means Read Rudyard Kiplings poem “if”….

    signed, the almighty tmc1

  32. 37
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    (insert theatrical clap here) tmc1 , bravo…….bravo indeed.

  33. 38

    (to ballplay) (in an Elvis-style voice…..)

    Thank ya….
    Thankyaverymuch!!! Anybody got some fried chicken in here?

  34. 39

    “Big Cat Weekend helps Alabama, LSU”

    Thats right. In these desperate economic times we all needed a good laugh.

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