UPDATE: SEC favors signee cap of 30

Chris Low of ESPN reports a consensus seems to have developed for the SEC to support capping football signees at 30.

On the subject of over-signing, JCCW posted this insulting rant today: “Sorry, but I can’t not say this: This, Alabama fans and bloggers, is how you deal with the news that your coach is oversigning and manipulating scholarships. 1. Admit the coach is ‘effectively pulling player’s scholarships’ and that denying it isn’t being ‘honest with ourselves’ 2. Admit you’re not happy about it 3. Express support for the coach anyway, because ‘irrelevance’ is too painful 4. Hope he changes. Isn’t that easier than the endless pretzel-logic rationalizations we got last summer about how 15 percent of the Tide roster turned itself over ‘voluntarily’?”

Umm, No. There were no “pretzel-logic rationalizations” from Alabama fans. All Crimson Tide fans requested was PROOF. You know, evidence instead of wild generalizations drawn from imaginary statistical analysis and fallacies (like when Brian Cook insisted there was no such thing as a Bryant Scholarship.) Everything sounds good in theory. In theory, Pat Dye could be gay. He liked to hang out in locker rooms with men. However, without evidence to support such a supposition, I would say the theory is false.

If Alabama SCREWED 15 percent of its roster by involuntarily kicking them off the team, then why haven’t we heard from those 15 percent? Why hasn’t at least one disgruntled former football player come forward? I’ll gladly publish ANYTHING from one of these players if they would care to comment about the situation—positive or negative about Nick Saban—in the interest of fostering a real discussion about the issues.

Unlike Auburn fans and some poor representatives of the University of Michigan (Brian Cook and his rude followers), the rest of the civilized world requires evidence—not wild theories with wilder accusations that Nick Saban is the devil. The challenge stands (in the language of the Internet) to provide PROOF or STFU. The only suitable proof being actual statements from persons alleged to have been injured by Alabama—playing with numbers isn’t proof; actual people allegedly hurt providing statements would be much closer to proof than anything offered so far.