Breaking: Shane ousted at Western Star

Shane from Centerpoint’s column will no longer be published in the Western Star. It was also learned Tuesday afternoon that he would no longer serve as the paper’s sports editor. Shane’s column began on the Paul Finebaum website, and beginning in 2007 was published online here and in the Western Star newspaper. Shane had been named sports editor of the newspaper a few months ago. He is a regular contributor on the wildly popular Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

Read the column that got Shane fired by clicking here.

Apparently, Auburn fans didn’t like that column and were finally able to oust the columnist from the beleaguered Bessemer newspaper.


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    “Apparently, Auburn fans didn’t like that column and were finally able to oust the columnist from the beleaguered Bessemer newspaper.”


    shane’s superior(s) acted on the recognition that shane, as a legitimate newspaper man, is a poser and a fraud.

    he’s the manute bol of the newspaper business.

    (translation: a freakshow)

    maybe the western star in these tough economic times, simply couldn’t afford to prop up shane any longer.

    anyone with a modicum of business acumen knows, when it’s time to cut, you cut the dead weight first.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Seriously , I dont get joy from anyone losing there job. But dude, I told you that what comes around goes around. When you bash and slander people for no reason, crap like this happens to you.

  3. 5

    I hate to see anyone lose their GIG but correct me if im wrong. But as the Sports Editor shouldnt that be someone that no matter where their soul is they have to be objective? I would think so1 So that thinned skin shit is just that. SHIT! he should have been a little more professional, and not a HOMER when it came to the articles in the paper and just wrote what he wanted here and said his peace on Paul Springers show!

  4. 6
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Are you sure it wasnt the Western Sizzlin that let him go ?

  5. 7

    No sweat! I hear that “jack shacks” around the South are hiring mop up guys. Best of luck Shane.

  6. 8

    WELL………… just goes to you there’s an idiot in every group. the western star will never have another writer/editor with the knowledge and insight of shane. i’ve corresponded with him for a while and he is very informative and witty. he brings the 3rd eye into the equation. he knows much more than he writes or says. he gives just enough to piss off the auburn community and that drives up the volumn of interest and debate. well, i’ll never read your sorry rag of a newspaper again. the only reason i read it was to read shane’s column. choke on your cheesy choice and continue to let the auburn idiots bitch and complain about how they are being left out. ROLL TIDE, HELL YEAH SHANE, SCREW THE FALLING STAR.

  7. 10

    Shane, spends all his time trying to talk bad about Auburn… He makes a lot of stuff up… I do like to listen to him, because he makes Alabama look so bad…

  8. 12

    Looks like he finally got what he had coming to him for some time. Couldn’t have happened to a better POS.

  9. 13

    what a freakin joke this guy was anyway! bammers are bummed that another small link in their information highway has been detoured ..of course lets not forget their burning haterd for us ..they can tip that glass of 36-0 for only so long …meanwhile im lookin to start counting again “beginning with the thumb”!

  10. 15
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Scott, you better watch what your saying, troy might get jealous.

  11. 16
    Barnie Basher

    I guess the Barnies can roll Booger’s Corner now considering an Alabama flaw not concerning them is there only hope of defeating Alabama ever again!

    36-0! 2 in a row and your 40th all-time “Iron Bowl National Championship” loss is coming!

  12. 17
    grass cutter

    go easy on shane. hes just to tired to edit his stories good because hes always running through chuckys mind.

  13. 18
    grass cutter

    the real reason auburn had to get a strech limo is because they need lots of room to haul there FAT cheerleaders around in. all reports i’ve seen is only 2 cheerleaders can ride at a time, and they have to install new shocks b-4 every game. ROLL TIDE

  14. 19
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    grass smoker………dont quit your day job as a comedian. You arent funy…..At all.

  15. 21
    grass cutter


  16. 22
    grass cutter


  17. 23

    OMG!!! WTF is the “Western Star” OMG Alabama is such a Shi! Hole… Yes Alabama… Where they take toxic dirt to burn it. WHO CARES?!?

  18. 24
    Paul loves Obama

    Shaney Poo….after knocking down those 4 packs of Marlboro Reds that you keep underneath your t-shirt sleeve each day and urinating the 3 six packs of Milwaukee’s Best Light suck down daily, I’m surprised you find the time between lighting up a cig and sucking down a brew to write anything positive or negative about the Flimsy Tide.

  19. 25
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    grass smoker……….That made no sense….you still arent funny……And there is this thing on the left hand side of your keyboard, its called the Caps Lock button………Chech into it.

  20. 26

    SAYYYYYYYY what?! That article got him fired? Why? I’m no shane fan by any means, I’ll turn the radio station when he comes on, but to fire him over that piece of writing just doesn’t seem fair. I didn’t read anything in it that he didn’t copy from another reporter. Maybe the Western Star was just looking for a reason to give him the boot. Which by the way, I’m GLAD he’s gone! I just feel for his family if, this was his only source of income to support them.

  21. 28

    And the #1 reason everyone hates Auburn is?

    They are always the 1st to kick someone who is down.
    I guess UCLA isnt down huh?

  22. 29

    SIG I think your right on your approach. The man lost his job and that sucks But as I said when you EDIT a newspaper section YOU have to be OBJECTIVE! Its called PROFESSIONALISM….. He was not OBJECTIVE! But that doesnt give US the right to KICK him! BUt sometimes thats what the LOUD FAT BULLY gets when it happens I call it the PRICHARD PILE ON!


  23. 30

    Can Josh Moon be next? If Shane was being a homer, then what are the Montgomery sports people?

  24. 31
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    The Montgomerey sports people dont call the Finebaum show every day acting a fool.

    But I agree, its not good that he lost his job. It wasnt his full time job was it ?

  25. 32
    E.G White

    You can shove that thumb up your you know what dork, cause you’re never gonna get to use it to count with in your lifetime! Furthermore, unless Shane already had one foot in a bucket and the other on a banana peel, that article should not have cost him his job. The only thing debatable was his usage of the term ‘pimpmobile’. Everybody knows a strech limo is where teenage girls get deflowered on prom night. A pimpmobile is a pink Cadillac with bull horns on the hood, dice hanging from the rear view mirror and driven by Pat Dye! LOL! RTR!

  26. 33
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Egg……..Who are you talking to ?

    I would hate to have to bust your old ass.

  27. 34
    Tubby Watch

    Let the SHANE watch begin. Oh I am sorry it has already ended. Hey, Shane it took only 1/10 of the time for the SHANE WATCH to come to the end as the tubby watch. Go learn how to make better ice.

  28. 36
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Shane you IGNORT SLUT! I am so glad you got fired. I here sabin needs someone to hold his headphone cables. Wait a minute you can’t do it with your nose stuck up his butt, sorry. “Grit” magazine needs someone to hand out their paper on the sidewalk. Go back to mustang sally and beg here to clean sabin’s do-do from your nose. hahahahahahaha

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