Brown headed to UT despite NCAA violation

Apparently an NCAA violation wasn’t enough to keep Bryce Brown away from the University of Tennessee. Kiffin violated NCAA rules, and the University of Tennessee self-reported the violation in February that involved the recruit.

Here is what happened according to Chris Low of ESPN, “Kiffin was talking about the growing trend of high school prospects waiting until after signing day to choose a school and made a reference to ‘great players like Bryce Brown’ while appearing on WNML Radio. Those comments came after the host of the show, Dave Hooker, couched the question by reminding Kiffin that he couldn’t talk about specific recruits.

NCAA rules prohibit coaches from commenting about unsigned prospects, specifically their ability. The other two secondary violations involving Kiffin had to do with simulating game-day experiences while prospects were on campus.”

Now that Tennessee has landed the recruit (read report here), does Kiffin’s calling Brown a great player on the radio raise the level of the violation? It certainly didn’t hurt to go out in public and praise a player—since we know he eventually picked Tennessee. SEC schools should complain to the NCAA about the benefit to the Volunteers from flagrantly violating NCAA rules. (If Kiffin can complain about fake violations, other schools have every right to attack real rule violations.)

One other lesson from Brown’s choice of Tennessee: he picked an I-formation over the spread. According to one report, Brown said Oregon’s attack just wouldn’t get him to the NFL. Anyone else see a trend here?