Brown headed to UT despite NCAA violation

Apparently an NCAA violation wasn’t enough to keep Bryce Brown away from the University of Tennessee. Kiffin violated NCAA rules, and the University of Tennessee self-reported the violation in February that involved the recruit.

Here is what happened according to Chris Low of ESPN, “Kiffin was talking about the growing trend of high school prospects waiting until after signing day to choose a school and made a reference to ‘great players like Bryce Brown’ while appearing on WNML Radio. Those comments came after the host of the show, Dave Hooker, couched the question by reminding Kiffin that he couldn’t talk about specific recruits.

NCAA rules prohibit coaches from commenting about unsigned prospects, specifically their ability. The other two secondary violations involving Kiffin had to do with simulating game-day experiences while prospects were on campus.”

Now that Tennessee has landed the recruit (read report here), does Kiffin’s calling Brown a great player on the radio raise the level of the violation? It certainly didn’t hurt to go out in public and praise a player—since we know he eventually picked Tennessee. SEC schools should complain to the NCAA about the benefit to the Volunteers from flagrantly violating NCAA rules. (If Kiffin can complain about fake violations, other schools have every right to attack real rule violations.)

One other lesson from Brown’s choice of Tennessee: he picked an I-formation over the spread. According to one report, Brown said Oregon’s attack just wouldn’t get him to the NFL. Anyone else see a trend here?


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    The only trend I see is Tennessee getting 2 great running backs to commit. The same arguement could be said for wide recievers in the spread. For tailbacks who can catch the ball. A look at this years draft will show a lot of spread players going pro.

  2. 3

    I guess high school standouts don’t buy all of the hate about Kiffin being an idiot? After all, who would want to play for an absolute moron? Oh yeah, only two of the best running backs in the country!!! Wonder how Slimebaum will attempt to paint this as a negative?

  3. 4
    E. G. White

    Yep, beat you to it. I already brought that up in your earlier topic. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of liers and cheaters. As for Qb’s and Rb’s steering away from teams with the spread – It’s good for Bama, but bad for college football. I don’t like the influence the NFL has over the college game, including taking underclassmen. They are taking the experimentation and innovation out of the game. The NFL was the death kneel for the Veer and Wishbone and soon will be for the Spread. God I’d love to see a great Wishbone against a great Spread. Think about Richardson, Ingram, Upchurch and Star running with Love and Fluker in the line and J. Jones and Smelly blocking!

  4. 5

    Wait, your announcement is hilarious. You try to make the announcement that TN is getting the number one recruit in the country all about a SECONDARY violation?!? Almost every school in the country reports a secondary violation or three every year. They are no big deal. All this when Bama is getting tagged with MAJOR violations (again). You are silly even for a Bammer.

  5. 6
    E. G. White

    Well Carlos there just might be some other reasons they ended up at UT. Like the fact that Bama didn’t recruit them, or that all the top teams in the Big 12 and Oregon run the spread and here Bama, LSU and Georgia are loaded at Rb. And it didn’t hurt your chances that Lame Kitten cheated to get an advantage that the NCAA rules say he wasn’t supposed to have by refering to him by name in public, and simulating game experience with crowd noise and tunnel fog on his campus visit. What a putz! Think it could have helped them choose dude? Whatever, we’ll see who has the top ground game and the freshman rushing Champion when it’s all over in December. Oh and long before then get ready for the beatdown on the 3rd saturday in October! rtr!

  6. 7

    I’m sure Kiffin saying he was great is the thing that pushed him over the edge. (cue sarcasm)

    Kiffin shouldn’t have said it, but it is old news and had nothing to do with his decision. If Kiffin and Saban aren’t massaging these kids egos every time they speak, they are doing it wrong.

  7. 8
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    VolHammer….You must recognise with whom you are dealing with. A team who is under a full blown ncaa investigation ,throwing rocks at a team who got a commit from the number one player in the U.S. in spite of having a SECONDARY violation. Wow , no difference there. At least not in the bammers minds. I personally widh you guys luck. Kiffen is doing a good job in the recruiting area. If he could learn to control his mouth a lot more people would give him the benifit of the doubt. And eggwhite…………You contridict yourself so many times its insane. You say the spread will be soon outdated……In the same breath , you wish for a return to the dam wishbone !!!!!!!! WHATTT!!!!!! You are truly deliusional / loony. Look at the success of the spread teams. You cant even argue with that. What offense did the mighty UTES run ? That would be the spread. 2of the last 3, soon tho be 3 of the last 4 national championships will be won by YOU GUESSED IT…….. Spread offense teams. OH yeah. Florida , Oklahoma, Michigan, Oregon, Auburn, West Virginia, and just about every big 12 team, boy your right,,,,they sure have a hard time getting talent…….NOTTT!!!!!

  8. 9

    Use all the sarcasm you want, but did it or did it not give UT an advantage other programs didn’t enjoy?

    If so, it should increase the level of the NCAA violation. Rules are there to prevent unfair advantages like this…otherwise, every coach should go on the radio and television and violate this unimportant rule.

  9. 10

    I don’t know whether it gave an unfair advantage or not. I haven’t talked to Bryce since February.

    Kiffin made a mistake in saying it, unless you really think he is this brilliant evil genius who makes all the right moves. I don’t. I think he is just a guy who was doing an interview and had a whoops moment.

    And we aren’t going to be punished severely for a secondary violation, if at all.

  10. 11

    Really? Are you sure about that?

    With the NCAA looking closely at Brown’s handler, are you sure you want investigators looking at Tennessee as part of that investigation?

    Does Kiffin’s public violations mean there could be more behind the scenes that nobody knows about yet?

  11. 12

    I have to confess something, at first I thought Kiffin would be a good choice to bring some energy and class to a team really needing a change of direction.

    LOL, boy was I wrong. From about December I’ve been laughing at all the idiotic mistakes. I was wrong about Kiffin. UT was wrong about Kiffin.

    Bet you wish you’d waited on Gruden now, huh? 🙂

  12. 14
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Oskie. Pay close attention to the mouthpiece for the CFB team that is CURRENTLY under investigation. He knows whats up. Dont you see the downside to getting 2 of the best runninbacks out of this class ? Surely you can see it. You ought to know that Bammer is the only team that can get good recruits without cheating ? (cough , cough)……… It must suck to get the two best running backs out of this class. And the overall top prospect. Yeah. I really feel for you guys.

  13. 15

    semantic point, Alabama isn’t under investigation. The investigation was completed months ago…Alabama is awaiting sentencing.

  14. 16

    Don’t care who UcheaT gets. It’s not the number one player (singular) you get, it’s the class. Sure, Brown will most likely be first in depth at UcheaT, but he would have to compete if he came to Bama. The Houston Oilers and Detroit Lions had the greatest backs to play, and where did that get them? Bama has a stable of backs. Also, where’s the blockers Brown will need to make it to or get past the LOS?

    As for Gruden, he’ll most likely coach at UcheaT next year after Kitten racks up only 3 wins.

  15. 17

    Yeah, if there is a claim that we are cheating, then I’ll be the first one to turn on my flamethrower and aim it toward Kiffin. I don’t think there is, and you don’t have any evidence that we are either. Reminds me of the scene from Office Space: “[Capstone Report] has this thing called a Jump to Conclusions Mat. It’s got different conclusions written on it … that you can JUMP TO!!! Get it?”

    This Brown/Butler stuff is certainly troubling, but only because he might be declared ineligible. Nothing Butler did can be attributed to UT because he isn’t a booster.

    I was also the first one at 3SIB to say that Kiffin should shut his mouth, and it was tough defending him there for a while. But diarrhea of the mouth has nothing to do with playing or coaching football, and that’s what we hired him to do.

  16. 18
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Maybe the arguement wasnt clear. But the heart of the message couldnt be clearer.

  17. 19

    Really? Are you sure? I thought the boy blunder was hired as comedic relief in the SEC.

    As for NCAA violations, I have proof that Tennessee has violated at least three rules since Kiffin has been at UT. 🙂 What proof? The University self-reported these violations.

    It isn’t a big jump to assume Kiffin has committed other violations—he is just that stupid.

  18. 20

    By the way, the mock press conference and fog machine had absolutely nothing to do whatsoever in any shape or form with the recruitment of Brown.

  19. 22

    No, I’m not wishing we had waited on Gruden. I really don’t see Gruden putting together the coaching staff that Lane Kiffen did. I also don’t see him doing as good of a job recruiting within a limited three month window.

  20. 23

    You Tennessee people need to understand a few things.

    1. Recruiting is important, but it isn’t everything. (See Orgeron at Ole Miss)

    2. X’s and O’s are important, but it isn’t everything. (Mike Dubose had a good staff at Alabama, but we all know how that turned out.)

    Once you realize those facts, you have to ask yourself what is the most important thing to a program—the intrinsic thing that will make or break the program even if other things are good. That important, critical factor is leadership.

    Ask yourself this, is Kiffin a leader?

    Gruden is. Even Phil Fullmer was. Kiffin is a joke. He could turn things around, but I wouldn’t bet my program on it—Alabama tried that with Mike Shula.

  21. 24

    Don’t look now, but the “comedic relief” just landed the number one prospect in the entire nation. I for one can handle that kind of comedy all year long.


  22. 25

    This is an analogue to the Memphis thing except for Alabama cheated and Tennessee isn’t.

    Everyone self-reports. Georgia had a whole bunch last year, and not one word has ever been said about it. This is because Richt is a nice guy, and Kiffin isn’t necessarily. Also remember, you are the ones being called onto the carpet for a self-reported violation as we speak, not us.

    You also say we don’t have leadership, but there is no proof of that either. Maybe we do, maybe we don’t. But you Bama guys act like you can see into the future. And I hope we’re right and you’re wrong because it’s going to be fun as hell when we get our program back on track and start beating you with regularity.

  23. 26

    It isn’t just Alabama people saying your guy is a moron—just look around the SEC. I know for certain that South Carolina people, Georgia and Florida blogs are making fun of the boy blunder.

    As for leadership, leaders don’t make themselves into a joke. You don’t lie about firing people if you want anyone inside your organization to take you seriously.

    Take that as some free advice on leadership. 🙂

  24. 27

    Wow, imagine Gators, Bulldogs, and Gamecocks hating UT’s coach. That’s almost as obvious as a Tide blog talking bad about him.

  25. 28

    Nothing to this.

    a) the point of the rule isn’t to punish the effects of the violation, even if one little mention of the kid did have anything to do with his commitment (which is absurd to think it was the tipping point).

    b) regarding these secondary recruiting violations, they are not serious. If they were, UA might be in a lot of trouble w/ the master of pushing the envelope at the helm.

    c) No legitimate source has said UA is under investigation, although the rumors are boiling. Question for everyone: if the NCAA is investigating, do they have to notify the school? Keep in mind there are different levels… pre-investigation, actual, etc.

  26. 29

    Don’t mistake our joy at your misfortune. We hope he stays in Knoxville for a long, long time.

  27. 30

    Sorry forgot to include this: Kiffin is an ass… and his secondary violations are newsworthy b/c he’s eating his foot… but they are not serious from a disciplinary/moral/whatever standpoint.

    Just to be clear.

  28. 31

    I actually agree with you they aren’t that big of a deal; however, you can’t prove this wasn’t a benefit to Tennessee over the other programs who didn’t violate the NCAA bylaw.

    But the point isn’t the benefit to Tennessee, the point is the rule violation occurred. The NCAA punishes rule violations, not outcomes.

    Will the self-punishment from UT be enough for the NCAA in this case? Probably, but you never know with the NCAA.

    A public comment on a recruit was part of the NCAA’s major case against Ole Miss in 1994.

  29. 32

    All in all, just as Aubbies and UcheaTs wanted Shula to stay, I beg you, please keep Kitten beyond next year. We in T-Town will help with the salary. I’m sure the Gators will chip in as well. Looking forward to the UcheaT posts in Sept after your trip to Gainsville and in October after your trip to T-Town, if Kitten makes it that far. Again, please give him at least 10 years to figure things out!

  30. 33

    I could care less if Bama, the Gators, and South Carolina think we’ve hired an idiot just so long as Bryce Brown, David Oku and the other 4 and 5 star recruits we landed this year think otherwise. Slimebaum, Spurier, Saban, Urban Crier et al aren’t the people UT wants to impress. High school juniors and seniors are!!!!

  31. 35
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Saban self reported 2 violations last year. Is that the standard by wich you tell if someone is a cheater ? If it is, then bama is cheaating as well. Not to mention the FACT that you guys are fixin to get the dooky knocked out of you by the NCAA. Why would that be ? I guess its cause you guys do everything right , huh ? No, its because you guys still think the rules dont apply to you.

  32. 36

    All I heard from some Auburn and UT posters here was that Saban cheats. Turnabout is a bitch, eh?

  33. 37

    Ballplay u are full of hope like always.These are minor violations and not much will come of it.C.N.S. has already seen this before at LSU.Every thing will be alright on the capstone.What you need to worry about is how bad your team will be and how many they will lose.Because BAMA will give yall another beat down and also that pussy ass team called ROCKY TOP will be lucky to win a game VOLHAMMER..

  34. 38

    A 6-6 season is an improvement at UT.
    Going 7-5 would be seen as expected.
    A mark of 8-4 makes Kiffin look like an overachiever.
    9-4 and he looks like a genius.

    Winning any one of the big three (UF, Bama, UGA) and people in K town will be delerious.

    So you see, Kiffin has to have a losing season in his first year to even have any question marks among the Vol faithful. I think the crazed Bama dreams of a Kiffin crash and burn are more likely to not be realized than they are to come true. The 2010 season will be the true test. So cool your jets Bama fans. You’ve got at least two years of Kiffin bashing to look forward to. And just remember, if he DOES succeed, who looks like an idiot then, Kiffin or the people who dismissed him?

  35. 39

    Let’s take a look at the schedule and where the “W’s” and “L’s” will most likely land (and you Vol fans know I’m being conservative in the preditions:

    9/5 W. Kentucky (Home) Win
    9/12 UCLA (Home) Loss
    9/19 at Florida – Big Loss
    9/26 Ohio University (Home) Win
    10/3 Auburn (Home) Toss up (Let’s give you a Win)
    10/10 Georgia (Home) Loss
    10/24 at Alabama – Another Big Loss
    10/31 South Carolina (Home) Loss (Spurrier will outcoach Kitten)
    11/07 Memphis (Home) Win
    11/14 at Ole Miss – Loss
    11/21 Vanderbilt (Home) Win (but I thought that last year, but I’ll give you the doubt)
    11/28 At Kentucky – Loss (Gave you too much benefit in others, UK wins this one)
    12/05 SEC Championship (You’ll be watching Bama and Florida play this one)

    If you lose to W. Kentucky in the opener, the only games you’ll win this year will be Ohio and Memphis.

    Don’t pin hopes on winning one of the big three (Florida, Georgia, Bama). You will not win any of these. I’m so confident, I’ll wager anyone on this board. 10RC will lose all three. If I am right, cappy bans you from posting on this forum for one year. If you win, I will not post here for one year.

    Best case scenario for 10RC, 6 wins. Worst case 2 wins. Money is on less than 5 wins.

  36. 40

    Okay, okay, I give up. I’ve tried mightily to defend Kiffin and keep up the charade, but the razor sharp intellects here at Captsone report keep piercing our carefully crafted smokescreen. I will break my sworn oath of secrecy and tell you fine gentlemen the true tale of intrigue and woe that is the Lane Kiffin saga.

    First, Phil Fulmer was never really pushed out. He still retains all head coaching authority and pay. But he was too visible and occupied to focus on what we here at UT really needed him for. So we orchestrated a loosing season as a cover to enable us to produce a plausible illusion that he was “resigning.” We then hired Kiffin as a figurehead and his Father Monte to handle actual day to day coaching responsibilities as directed by “Godfather” Fulmer. This freed Fulmer to focus 100% on his true calling and gift, investigating Alabama football.

    Within two weeks of his “resignation”, Fulmer was already onnthe ground in Tuscaloosa setting in motion a vast and elaborate espionage network of dozens of informants, spies, agent provocateurs and paid ninjas to find every scrap of dirt on any Alabama player, coach, cheerleader, manager, team doctor or dentist or anyone else associated with the Tide program, all the way down to Norm, the team janitor.

    You see, all we live for in Big Orange Country is really a decades long plan to foil, embarrass, confound and destroy everything Crimson. We have forsaken time, treasure and tears on a lifelong quest to destroy Alabama and Phil Fulmer is our ultimate secret overlord.

    Even now, we spin our webs of deceit and mystery to discredit the Tide. We are currently investigating a report that an unnamed Alabama defensive lineman recently removed a mattress tag in clear violation of federal law. And then there is the case of the punter who once used a salad fork to eat a main course at a banquet!

    Yes, we will have our revenge Bama nation! So cower at our might! Keep focusing On Kiffin while we obtain clear rivalry mastery by following Phil as he seeks PROOF that Nick Saban has THIRTEEN overdue books at the Tuscaloosa library!!!

    sarcasm tag off:

  37. 41
    E. G. White

    Ballplay convienently tears apart blogers remarks and reassembles them to mean something entirely different. Then again maybe he’s just to stupid to understand plain english. One of these days maybe they’ll offer reading and english 101 at the barn. I’m not even going to try to correct all the bullshit errors he made reading my post on the spread and the wishbone. What a dork! As for Bama, we are not under investigation. It is over and he knows it. We are only awaiting the penalty, and I’ll put my yearly income against his that we only get a slap on the hand. As for all of your 4 and 5* athletes at UT. I do believe that it was Bama who had the #1 recruiting class and therefore in spite of all those stars you got – you still fell behind – way behind. Another thing. Anybody that thinks the top high school rb from Kansas is better than the top high school rb from Florida is just plain stupid! Trent R. was hurt his senior year and had less than half his normal yards and was still the #1 athlete in Florida and the #2 rb in the nation. Brown got his ranking because of the public relations exposure his damn agent gave him! And now for Lame Kitten. What an arrogant asshole. He thinks the rules don’t apply to him. Here’s an excerpt from a CBS Sports article. “It seems you can’t spell F— you Turkey without UT. The new coach has shot his mouth off, apparently commited NCAA violations and had his staff go topless for prospects. If you don’t believe any of that, you’re going to be pumping gas like everyone else in South Carolina.” Nuff said! rtr!

  38. 42

    Carlos, you are still a dumbass. Defend the guy all you want, it is not like you have any choice. I am sure players like Bryce Brown will fit in nicely at TN. Look up what his HS coach said about him. Sounds like a locker room cancer to me. But Kiffin hasn’t even coached a game yet. If you are so sure that Kiffin is going to do so well, why worry with what everyone else is saying? I relate because the same things happened when Saban was hired. But the difference is, TN fans really were scared when Saban was hired. Nobody from any other SEC is remotely worried that Kiffin is much of a threat. He is the comedy relief for the SEC, and beginning this year, will be the whipping boy. Notice Meyer and Saban haven’t said anything in regarding Kiffin. That is because they don’t have to. Their reputations have been earned. And Kiffin is still earning his, and he hasn’t coached a game yet. Reckon he will try many 70 yard field goals this year? But we do appreciate your concern about what Bama fans are saying. It means a lot to know that it bothers you enough for you to come here and show us what a dumbass you and your TN brothers are.

  39. 43

    And you Ballplay, you are still as misguided as ever. It is sad when the only friend an Aubie can find on a Bama site is a fellow inbred from Tennessee.

  40. 44
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy….I aint forming any alliances here. Im just calling you split tounged dooshers out by pointing out things that YOU say. If there is a problem with that , well its your own faults.

    And eggwhite. You are the one who said what you said about the spread. I just countered it , and made you look like the twit you are.

  41. 45

    Ballplay, you have got that orange shit all over your nose. That putrid sickly Tennessee orange too. I think you realize how much Bama fans hate Tennessee so you try to poke at that with a stick. You know, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ kind of thinking. I think it is mutual, which is why there isn’t much of a big deal between Auburn and Tennessee. I think Tennessee people like Auburn for the same thing. I mean, ya’ll do have a lot in common and all.

  42. 46
    E. G. White

    Ballfart, The point is, what I said was not even close to what you said I said. And it’s not even close to the first time it’s happened. Read it again and sssslllloooowwweeerrr. I’m not sure you understand the english language. Or maybe uoy evah dyslexia? I’d write it for you in barner, but I can’t make myself that stupid and have my body sustain life!

  43. 47
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy , strange as it may be. you are partly right. You see, Auburn has a streak against the Vols back to about 2002. So they are a non-factor to us. But not you guys, as they owned your butts for an awefully loooong time. Get over it.

    Eggwhite. Shut up. You are irrelevent.

  44. 48
    E. G. White

    Think I’ll introduce Julio and Ballplay to my brother. He’s a dumb duck barner too. He can’t help it though – the best part of him leaked out on the bed sheet!

  45. 49
    Indiana Vol

    The stupid Bammer Morons were sure Brown would sign with the Crimson Turd. There were even parties set up to watch the announcement (see The Bammer Morons were singing the praises of Brown, until he announced his decision. Then the Bammer proceeded to bash him.

    Poor little Bammer Morons!

    rammer-jammer, yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!

  46. 50

    Indiana moron: Nobody at Bama was interested in Brown. Brown never listed his interest in Bama. What the hell are you talking about? Trent Richardson was the number 1 running back too. How many are there? As I recall, Bama has two really good recruiting classes back to back, and working on the third one. You guys are only getting started. As of right now, if you want to count stars, Bama has 3X as many 4-5 star players on the roster than TN does right now. Does us all a favor and stay in Indiana. But thanks for your interest in the Crimson Tide, but really, we all could care less about TN. All they are is the comedy show for the off-season. Just remember, when you cry yourself to sleep at night, we are all laughing at Tennessee right now. I expect it to last a few years, so just get used to it.

  47. 51

    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian. Says:
    March 16th, 2009 at 2:21 pm
    VolHammer….You must recognise with whom you are dealing with. A team who is under a full blown ncaa investigation ,throwing rocks at a team who got a commit from the number one player in the U.S. in spite of having a SECONDARY violation.

    Let me guess…. You also refer to lizards as aligators?
    Jesus, could you possibly get anymore dramatic?
    By the way…. Who told you that there was a “full blown” investigation? Exactly…. nobody did. It was just some made up bullshit you read at some pro-aubbo blog somewhere.

  48. 52

    Indiana Vol

    You are a buffoon. And an uniformed one at that.
    Bama would not trade Richardson or Lacey for either Oku or Brown. (and the drama they would bring with them.)

  49. 53

    Auburnisajoke frmaerly known as Bllplay Indian……
    Have you already forgotten how you got that screen name? (Here is a hint brght boy.) IT WAS FOR BING RIDICULOUSLY WRONG. Glad to see you are still limbo’ing under your already low standard of correctness and excellence.

  50. 55

    Ballplay can thank me for his post name, but one thing I can say for him is he stuck by his bet. . . . .

  51. 56
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    tmc1….where have you been ? Listen, are you gonna try to argue that there isnt or wasnt an investigation ? That isnt a rumor or gossip , it happened. Hence the term full blown investigation.

    I hope you get the death penalty.

  52. 57

    Ballplay: That is what it will take for anyone to give Auburn a chance to succeed. (In Bama getting the death penalty)
    If they don’t, look forward to a decade of getting your ass kicked. It must suck to be an Auburn fan right now.

  53. 58
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    BB stfu You wouldnt even take the SAME bet that Ballplay lost too. I offered it to you but you didnt have enough FAith in you UNDEFEATED team to bet me.
    I ll bet all you could think about was PUNT BAMA PUNT! if they beat us 10 years runnin how many coaches do you think they will do it with?
    Ya wanna bet on the 09 IB???

  54. 60

    Omni, are you 12 years old? I told you over and over, plain as I could Auburn was going to get killed. Every week I reminded you that the ass-whipping was coming. You short-circuited and freaked out every time. I didn’t have to bet, what good would it have done? Betting with you on that game would have been like beating up a retarded kid or something like that. You can’t help it, I know you were born with your disability. But seriously, your medication is not working like it should. Kiss my ass! ROLL TIDE you whiny little Auburn turd!

  55. 61
    OMNIPRESENT aka 36 - 0

    Fuk U rookie You didnt say shit! And you know it, You had a clue and WAS SCARED. Just admit it SKOAL SPITTER!!!

  56. 62
    E. G. White

    IndianaVol, Volhammer and Carlos are so f—–g retarded they don’t merit response. However, I’ll agree with the Bama fan that said we prefer Trent R. and the other Bama rb’s over Bryce B. and Oku. If Bryce and Oku were better than Trent, you can bet CNS would have had them at Bama before UT even hired Lame Kitten. As it was, CNS didn’t recruit either one of them. That tells a ton right there. Oh another little tidbit assholes. – In the Under Armor Army All American Game, Nico Johnson our 5* linebacker from Andelusia. Al., ran down Bryce Brown from behind 3 times. Ha Ha Ha! I think he’ll be wanting to reintroduce himself the 3rd Saturday in October! RTR!!!

  57. 63

    Omni, you are delusional and retarded. I told you all season long that it was coming, and you spit and yelled and cursed me every time. Do you want me to dig it tall up and prove it to you? I didn’t make no kind of bet with you, but that is all you remember. I won’t be making a bet with you this year either. But I will TELL you Auburn will be taking multiple ass-whippings AGAIN this year. Now, scream and yell and act foolish like you normally do.

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