Columnist: Kiffin a liar, a cheat and an idiot

Lane Kiffin continues to say stupid things and columnists respond with condemnation. Ron Aiken of the Columbia Free Times delivers a polemic against the Tennessee Volunteer coach.

Among Aiken’s best shots at the boy blunder: “And we’re not even to spring football yet — give this guy a whole summer, and there’s no telling how much more worthless drivel will flow from his mouth or how many more apologies he’ll be asked to make. All in all, the picture emerging of Kiffin is one of a liar, a cheat and an idiot. The best thing I’ve read about him — and it seems to sum him up perfectly — is that Kiffin was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.”

Kiffin denies negative recruiting
Aiken also takes aim at the negative recruiting practices coming from the Volunteer staff. However, Kiffin denied being a negative recruiter, according to ESPN’s Chris Low. “That’s not the way we’re going to do things here, and it’s something I don’t condone,” Kiffin told Low.

Low also provided some insight into what Volunteer players first thought of the new coach: “The Vols’ first-year coach came across as cocky and downright arrogant, especially for a 33-year-old guy who’d never coached the first SEC game.” Who held that opinion? Tennessee junior receiver Gerald Jones. What does it say when your players think you are a joke? Of course, players are now going to say things like Jones did in the same article about how super fantastic Kiffin is. But that first impression was probably the correct impression of the boy blunder, and it speaks volumes for how his act is playing.