Finebaum draws outrage from UAB fans

UAB fans have become the face of class in the state. How did Blazer fans welcome media member Paul Finebaum to the UAB Arena last night? With booing, f-you profanity and rude gestures.

What a great way to make a positive impression for your school. UAB fans and students have taken on the attitude of president Carol Garrison. Garrison just might be the worst ambassador UAB has ever had. Other than the athletic teams.

UAB’s athletic programs are a waste of good parking space. The alleged football team takes up a perfect spot for a parking deck. Bartow Arena? Bulldoze it and build parking spaces. Perhaps then students could get to class on time instead of having to search for the illusive quest for the illusory parking spot. UAB fans have become the worst thing about Birmingham sports. Anyone remember what happened in 2008 when Memphis came to town? The fracas that nearly turned violent because of those fans?

But UAB fans, all three of them, have more in mind for ruining the image of the university. On the UAB message board, (YES! UAB has a message board and fan site!) UAB fans are outraged Finebaum will be at the university to make a speech Saturday. (So much for a university being a community of scholars.)

Finebaum headlines a Media Now event where media members share their secrets of success. It is the kind of thing that helps students by exposing them to experts in their field. It is the kind of thing someone like Finebaum is kind enough to do.

But UAB fans are indignant.

According to the message board, Dragonsworn an Admin wrote: “Why the hell would any department in UAB invite someone to speak who is not only anti-UAB but is openly scornful of us? Why do we have to kiss this guy’s butt?”

Dragonash took it to the next level. He wrote, “He has made PERSONAL, DEROGATORY attacks on Dr. Garrison’s PHYSICAL appearance and has made damn near libelous statements toward Neil Callaway. He has demeaned and told out and out falsehoods about the UAB athletic program and WE ARE GOING TO PAY THIS PUNK!!!!!!!!! TO SPEAK ON OUR CAMPUS????? I will be there to confront this asshole and confront him, I will. Anyone want to join me?”

UAB isn’t paying him, but UAB fans wouldn’t let facts get in the way of a good rant. A university once known for the professionalism and maturity of its students has become less mature and more obnoxious than the intoxicated mess known as LSU. Birmingham should be embarrassed by this mess. UAB alumni should demand Garrison’s head for allowing this type of pathetic culture to flourish on Southside. The University of Alabama System should demand reform at UAB—before it is too late.