Kiffin exaggerates; boy blunder emasculated

Lane Kiffin is prone to exaggeration. The Knoxville News-Sentinel exposed the latest Kiffin goof. It looks like Kiffin told Sports Illustrated one thing, and was overruled by his boss.

According to the News Sentinel, “Despite what you might read in Sports Illustrated, new Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin hasn’t contributed to Knoxville’s unemployment rate.”

Kiffin claimed he had fired one person and run off others, the report said. However, Volunteer athletic director Mike Hamilton repudiated the firing claim.

“He has not fired anybody,” Hamilton told the News Sentinel. “If he said he has fired somebody, that’s not true. I don’t know if he said it from a standpoint of making a point that ‘We’ve got to get this right.’ But he didn’t fire anybody.”

UT is trying to cover for the boy wonder by suggesting Kiffin changed his mind with a lame statement that the boy wonder decided it wasn’t in the best interest of Tennessee to fire the individual.

Translation: the boy blunder was told he couldn’t. That is the sound of emasculation. Kiffin can’t even fire people without asking permission. Does anyone think Nick Saban or Urban Meyer have to ask permission before doing something? Maybe you should win a game or two before trying to pretend you are as powerful or as good as Saban or Meyer.

More on Kiffingate
Lane Kiffin’s bloopers continue to percolate around the Internet. Here are a few links covering the incompetent Tennessee Volunteer coach.

Provides a look at the consequences when a youthful coach insults a Florida community. It doesn’t shock us to read that coaches would be angry at the way Kiffin treated Pahokee coach Blaze Thomopson.

Chris Low: No offense, but Kiffin not treading lightly
Low provides a glimpse at Kiffin’s performance at a Tennessee basketball luncheon. Low confirms that Kiffin once again took shots at the SEC and Florida, “Kiffin never mentioned Florida coach Urban Meyer by name, but Kiffin managed to get a whiny reference in that was clearly directed at Meyer. Kiffin wrongly accused Meyer of committing an NCAA violation last week, prompting Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley to demand an apology and the subsequent reprimand from the SEC.”

Blutarsky: The legend of Junior
This Georgia blog provides a great analysis of how Lane Kiffin got to where he is today and deconstructs the Sports Illustrated interview that we mentioned above.