Nick Saban the romantic

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has been called many things, (most of them negative) but warm and fuzzy doesn’t fit the public perception of the fiery coach. However, Saban often mentions Terry, his wife, during public appearances. On Thursday, he began his weekly press conference with anniversary wishes for Terry. And it was given in typical Nick Saban fashion.

“It is my anniversary today, so I want to tell my wife Terry, happy anniversary,” Saban said. “Thirty-seven years, wonderful supporter, great friend. We’ve had a really good relationship, and I’m really pleased and happy that I’ve had such a good partner all these years.”

If you know Saban’s public manner, he couldn’t stop there. He had to get a playful dig in too.

“She didn’t know what a first down was when we started dating, and now she thinks she can coach the team better than me,” he said.

That first meeting was roughly 45 years ago at science camp.

Science camp.

But there is even more that will spoil your image of Nick Saban. He wrote Terry love letters while he was away at Kent State. She said in an interview with a local television station that Nick’s love letters were what won her heart. He would quote poetry and song lyrics just for her in those letters.


Nick Saban has a softer side.

No doubting Terry’s involvement
She’s been called the First Lady of the Crimson Tide, and there can be no doubt that Terry Saban is heavily involved in the “Process” of rebuilding Alabama football. Her duties include things like hosting parties to serving Thanksgiving dinner for players who can’t go home for the holiday.

In 2007, she entertained over 35 people. And in 2008 it was another packed house.

And Terry Saban likes it that way.

She has made no secret of her preference for college football over the NFL. She has cited the chance to be involved in the lives of college students as one of the key reasons for enjoying the pressures of college football. There are pressures, but it doesn’t seem to bother her.

“It is all good if you have a spouse that allows you to be a part of it, who confides in you, who listens to you,” Terry said in an interview with WVTM in Birmingham (the video aired Nov. 23, 2008.)

Confiding. Romantic. Poetry. Science camp. Did you ever think you would read those words associated with Nick Saban?

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