Merry Chizikmas!

Merry Chizikmas!
by intheknow72

Some time ago I helped coin a new term on this website: Aubsessed. Simply put, a person who is Aubsessed is an Auburn fan who cannot stop talking about Alabama. As in, still talking about, comparing themselves to, and obsessing over the University of Alabama six games deep into a winning streak over us, when we couldn’t seem to get up from continually falling down. My argument was that if we ever found ourselves on the other side of such a streak over our cross-state, hapless rival who perpetually couldn’t get off the mat because of self-inflicted wounds and ridiculous decisions, conversation about Auburn would take place maybe two weeks a year…the week before and after the annual beat down.

Well, looks like I’m gonna get my shot at making good on that theory. Game one, 36-0. Games 2 through 6 are on the way. Auburn just hired Gene Chizik!

I’ll now try my hand at coining a new word. Or really, it’s a holiday. I’m up for suggestions for the best way to celebrate it, but here’s the name and the occasion:

Chizikmas: December 13th. The day Auburn gave Alabama the gift that keeps on giving. Merry Chizikmas!

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At the depths of our lows, one thing Tubberville seemed to do quite well was watch us, avoid our mistakes, and capitalize on the PR game in the media. While we wallowed in the muck and mire before coming to our senses, hiring a tyrant, dictator of a coach who kicks out boosters who think their money and influence can buy his time and favor, Tubby, like any politician, spun the party line that Auburn was a stable place for family, loyalty and character.

Someone forgot to tell Jay Jacobs about those traits. Despite logging 8 wins or better a year, Auburn just hired a coach who, as a head coach, has a record of 5-19. Stability? Hardly. He cleaned house at Iowa State after only two years, demoting guys that HE hired two years before.

Don’t look now, but Nick Saban just bought more property in Tuscaloosa; he’s settling in for a while. The knock on Alabama over a job like LSU was that we live in a state where two major programs compete every year for prospects. LSU, being the only major football power in Louisiana, has their pick of the litter every year. Well, looks like that’ll be the case for St. Nick in the foreseeable future as well, as Auburn voluntarily stepped backward into Division 1-AA football.

Auburn, you just just hired your version of Mike Dubose. Only, at least we hadn’t seen Dubose in action as the head man before hiring him. You looked beyond Chizik’s actual on-the-field resume and hired him anyway. Incredible, but thank you!

The argument will be made that Chizik was a stellar defensive coordinator. But here’s a news flash for Aubies looking, grasping…praying…for a silver lining to this horrific story. He wasn’t hired to be a coordinator. He was hired to be a head coach. You traded a head coach with a .680 winning percentage at Auburn for one with a .208 winning percentage. Nice work, and thank you.

Merry Chizikmas!