Chizik is greatest recruiter ever

Gene Chizik is the greatest recruiter ever. Or maybe not: Chizik’s recruiting classes in 2007 and 2008 at Iowa State ranked 60th and 62nd in the nation, respectively, according to His 2009 class, which had 16 commitments, ranks 76th. Here’s the entire O-A News story.


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Cap … sheesh dude. Could you be a bigger smartass ? Oh, I forgot. Your still getting to the “truth”.

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    It is only hopeful that Chizik can bring his recruiting “midas touch” to the plains next season.

    When asked to comment on Chizak’s recruiting prowess, Journalist Phillip Marshall said:

    “Everyone knows that Phillip is probably the greatest recruiter that ever lived. (After which ne mumbled something that sounded like…”Except in the English speaking world….)

    Back to you Cappy!

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    Mrs. Coach Ensminger

    I just knew they would do something stupid… This is how they do things in Auburn!
    Jesus Christ this is f#cking pathetic.
    Now there is nobody here to fight off the evil forces of Coach Saban giving recruits $100 bills. Damn carpetbagging Motherf#cker!!!!
    The balance of good vs. evil has shifted! Beelzebub $atan will be running amok with counterfeit bills! Its the end of the world as we know it! Thanks Auburn! Now Steve is going to have to go back to driving a garbage truck! I hate Yall!

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    Could the Auburn situation get even better? Man, I feel like Christmas came early. 2008 has been a great year. We got to see the rise of the Tide, and it looks like they will be around for awhile this time. Then we simultaneously watch the imploding and dysfunction really take hold down at the Barn, and then we got to see how Auburn conducts its coaching search, which has been really fun too. I liked Jay Jacobs saying that they did it the right way, went in the front door and talked to each candidate. I call BS on that. It was reported that Auburn boosters were calling anyone who would listen without the ADs knowledge. Muschamp was definitely contacted by people from Auburn, and they didn’t use the front door either. Jay Jacobs didn’t hire this guy, he was told to hire him.

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    Amen brando..!!!!

    This Circus just keeps getting better and better. and better… and better!!!

    I dont want this year to end!

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