STUNNER: AU coaching search nears end

Outrage. That’s the best way to describe how the Auburn family has reacted to the news that Gene Chizik is the leading candidate to fill Tommy Tuberville’s spot at Auburn.

Tuberville was fired for this?

Exchange a solid, successful and likable Tommy Tuberville for a disastrous Iowa State coach?

Even leading Auburn propagandist Phillip Marshall isn’t thrilled. Marshall said the hiring of Chizik would divide Auburn.

From what I’m told, the deal has not been finalized. President Jay Gogue still must give his final approval. If he does it, he’ll do it under fierce opposition and it will divide Auburn people to such a degree that it will be very difficult to recover…
But what is obvious today is that, fairly or unfairly, Chizik would be the most unpopular choice in modern Auburn history.

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It would seem the Auburn family would be as fractured with the hiring of Chizik as Alabama fans were during the tenure of Bill Curry. expressed what most everyone is thinking.

With a 5-19 career record as a head coach, Chizik’s hire would be a stunner.

UPDATE: No announcement set for Saturday, according to this AP report.

UPDATE: Could announcement come Sunday or Monday? Gene Chizik could be named the new head coach as soon as Monday, the Opelika-Auburn News has learned. entire O-A News story below.