REACTION: Chizik not a good hire

Just how bad is Gene Chizik? Chizik is unprepared, overmatched and incompetent. Who said that? Here’s the context:

According to multiple reports, Gene Chizik will be Auburn’s next head coach. No, really, they actually hired him. While it’s bad news for Iowa State that its here today and gone tomorrow head coach of the past two seasons was a titanic failure and colossal bust, it’s good news that the decision makers at Auburn can’t count and have unburdened Iowa State of its most unprepared, overmatched and incompetent head coach of the modern era

The brief excerpt was from an article quickly pulled from the’s front page. Update: the story is back on the site with a byline from the Associated Press. However, the opinion seems to be shared by most Auburn fans as the reaction around the Internet and in person has universally blasted the hiring.

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Awful Announcing heaped scorn on the Chizik to Auburn move.

Auburn fans don’t get to laugh at Tennessee for hiring Lane Kiffin after this is made official. At least there is a semblance of upside for Kiffykins. I don’t know how Auburn can spin this, and let’s set the O/U on Jacobs and booster Bobby Lowder trying to secretly lure another coach a la the Petrino jet scandal at 2 years.

A return to the Pat Dye era?
One point boiling up from coaching circles and reported by The Gold Mine is that Chizik’s Auburn staff likely would contain former Auburn players. Does this signal a return to the Pat Dye influence over the program? It’ll be interesting to see the names who comprise the staff.