New favorite in AU coaching search?

AP: Pollard acknowledged that Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs recently contacted him to speak with Chizik about the Tigers vacancy. Pollard said in a statement released Friday that his understanding is that Chizik — the Tigers defensive coordinator from 2002-04 — has met with Auburn officials and is a serious candidate for the job. Could Chizik be the new favorite? Possibly. We are standing by our story earlier that Jay Jacobs is seriously interested in Kang and Kodos. Here’s the AP story on Gene Chizik.


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    Seriously folks.
    Nobody want to put themselves through what Tony Franklin and Tommy Tuberville went through this year unless there is a stack of cash involved.
    Auburn has officially become the “Career Killer” of college football coaching. Nobody with a lick of sense would want to deal with it.

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    This just in…

    After an embarrassing day of offering the job from hell to anyone who might take it. Jay Jacobs has retired for the evening. When asked to give a statement he said:
    “This coaching search is being done on a comprehensive and ongoing basis. Money is still no object and We feel that progress is being made at a breakneck pace. As with Coach Tommy Tuberville, President Gogue and myself have asked each candidate if they wanted the job 3 times and we are stunned that they keep saying “no”.”

    Back to you Cappy!

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    Sources say that Gene Chizak is weighing the Auburn opportunity against his current postion for “What seems to be the best fit…”
    On one side, Chizak assesed that he could remain at ISU with a nice pay raise until he gets terminsated for incompetence in a year or two.
    On the other side Chizak added that if he could come to Auburn and beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl, He would be treated as a messiah and a living God at Auburn for at least one year and would recieve a 300% raise. According to Chizak “I am really intrigued by the Auburn job. But there would have to be certain stipulations and guarantees up front..One would be no contact with that man (Bobby Lowder) He has really, really, bad breath…..

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    thats right Cappy. I said “Terminsated.” Its a new catch phrase I have created to describe the Tommy Tuberville resignation/termination/compensation.

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