EXCLUSIVE: AU interviews 2 new candidates

The Capstone Report has been able to obtain information regarding Jay Jacobs’ coaching search; the information comes from a prominent Auburn media source out of Opelika. Here’s the cover of the magazine soon to be published with shocking revelations as Jay Jacobs looks for an out-of-this-world coaching hire!

Auburn Examiner reports on Auburn\'s coaching search

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    I see your still on your search for the “truth”……….The truth shall set you free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That is funny. One thing that is funnier is the way that Auburn is having such a time getting someone to come and coach. To quote all those bastards “Good luck finding some no name coach that will do nothing.” I love it.

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    This just in from AP.
    It seems Auburn may have finally found a Head Coach.
    Sources say that Bill Smith of The Pflugerville Fighting Panthers, is expected to be offered within the next 24 hours. While Smith is a PeeWee coach he is undefeated in 2 seasons. And is a local recruiting legend having in the tri-county area.
    By day, Smith works as a used parts salesman at George’s Tractor Salvage yard. Here are a few thoughts from Smith.

    On the opportunity to make a lot of money at Auburn:
    ” Hell fire yep! I’d like me some of that instant millionaire stuff that goes with the NCAA coachin’ contracts!”
    On the competition for the Auburn Job:

    “I dont know bout that. Anyone who would be turned down by Will Mushamp, and that there Fisher guy, must be pretty bad off.”

    On Turner Gill:
    “Who in the hell is Turner Gill? Oh yeah…thats right he played for Nebraska. You mean he coaches? I didnt know that…. they (Auburn) must be gettin’ pretty desperate.”

    On the opportunity to work with Bobby Lowder, Jay Jacobs and Jay Gogue:

    “You know… the more I hear about this job….the more I am starting to not like it.”

    On the talent that Auburn will be fielding in the 2009 campaign:

    “You know what… I appreciate the offer and Auburn is a fine place and all that….but I think I will have to pass on this… I wish them the best in thier search….

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