McShay talks draft; Andre Smith projected #2

Here is video of ESPN’s Todd McShay talking about the NFL draft. He examines his predicted Top 5 picks. No shock that his mock draft has Matthew Stafford #1 and Andre Smith #2. He also talks about Tim Tebow. McShay calls Tebow the best college football player, but worries about his long delivery and a few other issues translating to the NFL. McShay predicted Tebow could go in the second or third round when Tebow leaves college.

That is one reason I expect Tebow will return for another season. It is also a reason I think Colt McCoy made the right decision to return. Although, I think McCoy has a better chance of being successful in the NFL than Tebow.

One last note, McShay has Sam Bradford taken fifth by the Chiefs. It has been widely reported following Brodie Croyle’s knee injury that the former Alabama quarterback’s career with the Chiefs was likely over. Taking Bradford would be an admission by the Chiefs.

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    I had lunch with McShay last week at a Red Lobster in Nashville, Tn. Instead of explaining why he is supposed to be an expert in mock draft, he spent most of the dinner complaining about his painful and burning hemmorhoids. Evidently from this clip Preparation H wasnt helping him one iota.

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