VOTE: Who is Alabama’s 2008 MVP?

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Alabama won the SEC Western division. It was a dramatic turnaround from previous years. What player would do you think should be Alabama’s MVP for 2008? Here is the list included in the poll:
Javier Arenas, Antoine Caldwell, Terrence Cody, Glen Coffee, Julio Jones, Rashad Johnson, Rolando McClain, Andre Smith, (other).

Don’t just vote in the poll. Leave a comment and tell us why you voted. We’ll select a sampling of the comments when the poll ends and share them in our summary post.

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  1. 3
    Big Daddy Don

    I think the interception at LSU in over time was the critical play that kept us undefeated…

    That is why Rashad Johnson is the MVP in my book,,,next to JPW of Course

  2. 6

    John Parker is my MVP. He is the only one that could not be replaced without tremendous notice. You could take any of the others and argue for them. This BAMA team was all team. Not one individual can claim this title without argument. Great effort from whatever 11 was on the field at any time. Great fun was had by all, and all contributed in an unbelievable fashion. This team played football the way it should be played. The way we as BAMA fans are grateful to see, and they, as players, can hold their heads above the rest for the accomplishments of 2008.

    Roll Tide Men

    We loved it!

  3. 9
    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    he offensive line, Smith in particular. They made a good running back look great.

  4. 10

    Glen Coffee was a beast this year. I would say the entire offensive line and Coffee are tied for first place. Alabama won a lot of games this year with 12-15 play drives. I would bet that they have more than anyone in the SEC this year in that.

  5. 13

    Now that I have had a day or two to consider it. I would have to say the whole team. There were no stars, just a group of guys who brought out the best in each other…..

  6. 14

    I had to vote Terrence Cody. He was the catalyst that made our defense go from a halfway decent to a dominant unit.

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