Recruiting: Atchison not meeting with Florida

Recent Alabama commitment Jonathan Atchison, 6’3″, 212 lbs., of Douglas, GA., reportedly won’t meet with Florida. The AJC reported Sunday evening a meeting between Florida’s Charlie Strong and Atchison was “doubtful.”

On the topic of recruiting, I’ll get a rundown on recruiting soon now that the season has ended.

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    I am not too high ont he atchison aquisition… We only have 5-6 more recruits to bag. He would not have been my choice.

  2. 2

    I have no idea why you would say that. Saban has been high on him all year. You should not get caught up completely in recruiting ranking. Atchison had a lot of offers from SEC and ACC schools.

    Furthermore, even the recruiting sites differ on where he is ranked. I think all have him ranked as a top 20 player at his position. I know that ESPN apparently thinks very highly of him, as he was given a very high grade.

    Atchison was a player that the staff really liked, and you have to have faith that they know what they are doing. I feel coinfident that Saban and his staff know what they are doing.

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