Accountability: Special Teams

Nick Saban is a fanatic for holding people accountable. He wants everyone in his program to accept responsibility for the things they are supposed to do. This year’s Alabama Crimson Tide progressed markedly in every phase but one—special teams.

Knowing Saban’s fanaticism for correcting problems, a change in special teams is a necessity and likely a certainty. The SEC Championship Game was changed significantly by errors in special teams. It was a theme throughout the year—special teams errors placing the Tide near disaster. Every good play in special teams could be offset with bad plays giving up points or field position. However, you could not tell me there were enough positives from Alabama’s special teams play to offset the negatives in the Florida game.

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What changes will Saban make? Shuffling staff seems almost a certainty. But could we see more significant change? That could be dictated by any additional changes on the staff (like if any of the coordinators land a head coaching job, etc.).

Hiring Jim McElwain helped the offense. Whether through shuffling responsibilities or bringing in new blood, a similar home run would make the conference title a bit easier to grasp.