Gators’ speed vs. Tide’s power

AP: Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game is shaping up as a classic showdown: Speed vs. Power. Although neither team is ready to concede the edge in either category. (Read the entire AP story embedded below.)


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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Itll be a good game. I think it will be more about the better defense than the better offense. Just an opinion .

    Who has the better defense ? I tink its a tossup.

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    Well, I think Bama has the edge on defensive coaching. Florida has the edge with their offensive coaching. I think it is possible it could be a somewhat low scoring game, which could favor Bama. I will guess 28-24 Bama. But, if Florida jumps out early, it could turn into a shootout, which would favor Florida.

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    JP Wilson finally gets to play in a truly big game for the Tide. Throughout his career, he has had a tendency to play up to the competition and shine in high pressure situations.

    Look for a performance similar to the 2007 Tennessee game. I have a hunch that some folks will be shocked to learn that Bama is capable of lighting up a scoreboard.


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    Bama defense ranked third in nation is not ranked there for nothing.No one but bama fans think this defense is good enough to stop gators.But i got news for u baby this defense is dam good and will win this game for the tide.Defense will get key turn over late in fourth quarter and we kick FG to win..If not we win outright,, this defense is way better than gators and D is the key to the game.D is why we will win..D WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS THATS WHY WE ARE CHAMPIONS..GO TO HELL TO EVERYBODY WHO THINKS THIS TEAM CAN’T WIN. ROLLL TIDEEEE

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