Miami’s worst nightmare 60 minutes away

Nick Saban is a jerk. He’s so much of a jerk, he might just return to Miami and the Miami Herald has the details.

Miami’s worst nightmare — the return of coach Nick Saban to Dolphin Stadium — is but 60 minutes away from being a reality. …
Now, less than two years removed from his infamous statement — ”I’m not going to be the Alabama coach” — Saban is one win away from returning to Dolphin Stadium with his new team and new life.

Also in this story, it is nice to see the Christian virtue of forgiveness on display.

Shortly after Saban unseated Shula as the Crimson Tide’s coach, St. Thomas Aquinas Athletic Director George Smith sent letters to University of Alabama athletic director Mal Moore and University of Alabama president Robert Witt informing them that Alabama was not welcome at St. Thomas any longer. …

”That’s in the past and I don’t want to bring up stuff that might turn into something,” Smith said.

“It never had anything to do with Saban. It has to do with the University of Alabama. And, yes, it still stands.”

I’m sure such devotion to grudge holding would make St. Thomas Aquinas happy. I’m sure it makes Christ happy to have such pettiness associated with a school training young people in His name. Nothing says love your neighbor like barring him from your property.

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