LIES! AU press conference

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Was Tommy Tuberville fired? Did he resign? The story pushed at the press conference was that Tuberville amicably resigned.

“I asked Tommy to lay out a comprehensive plan. Yesterday in our meeting, Tommy told me that he’d like to resign. We will honor his contract. His willingness and assurances that he wants to continue to be part of the Auburn family” … is why they paid him the buyout even though he quit. (quote via Jay G. Tate’s blog because I’m too lazy to take notes or rewind the tape.) UPDATE: AP story on press conference appended to bottom of post.

If it were mutual, then why did Tuberville’s mom declare he was fired? This from the O-A News:

Olive Tuberville, the coach’s mother, was disappointed, but strong as a rock.
Three hours earlier, her son resigned from the job he held so dear in the wake of a surprising 5-7 season.
“He didn’t resign,” Olive Tuberville said. “He was fired.”

Finebaum on Fox 6 just said “very little of what (Jacobs) said was believable.”

That is an saying it nicely. What we heard were lies. Tuberville will say the right things and make the transition palatable; however, listening to AU’s obvious lies, Tuberville had a horrible situation and deserved much better.

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