EXCUSES! Nick Saban cheats!

Tommy Tuberville is out as Auburn’s head coach but his demise had nothing to do with duck hunting trips during recruiting season. Instead it was all about Auburn’s Jetgate fiasco and Nick Saban cheating.

A woman called Amy, believed to be the wife of Steve Ensminger called an Auburn talk radio station and engaged in a rant against Auburn’s administration. In her call (listen here) she blamed Auburn’s current troubles on Jetgate.

“This is how Auburn runs things,” she said. “This is hurting recruiting just like they did in ’03 which is why we had the class we did this year…later she added. “This is the senior class of ’03 the Jetgate guys.”

Could we possibly blame anything else on Jetgate? Global warming? No doubt thanks to all that jet fuel expended. The recession? Why not. A 5-7 record? Sure thing!

But the blame game didn’t stop there. Tuberville and his staff were fired because they wouldn’t do the unethical things Auburn demands.

“You know what? Nobody is going to beat Nick Saban in this state,” Amy said. “Nobody. Unless, well, they may get somebody in here now that will shake a hand and put a couple of hundred dollars in a recruits pockets like they did in the past. And that is probably what is going to happen.”

But wait. There’s more.

“That is what they are looking for,” she said. “They are looking for someone to buy players like Nick Saban does.”

With these comments is there any doubt why Auburn fired Tuberville? Apparently, nobody on that staff knows how to accept responsibility—it is everybody else’s fault. And when you can’t do your job, accuse your boss of creating problems and your competition of cheating.

If this was how Tuberville’s staff acted, it was long past time to fire him.

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