Drug arrest at Texas Tech

Mike Leach is mentioned as a candidate for the Auburn head coaching job, but does an arrest of a Red Raider player early this morning lower the chances of him landing the Auburn job? I’m sure we all remember the righteous indignation of Auburn fans when Nick Saban had a player arrested on drug charges. Surely, they would reject Leach for having a player arrested by the DEA.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Sigh………..Good grief.

    Had it been only one instead on 45 I could see your point.

  2. 2

    Be prepared Ballplay. It was done to Bama too. Just take the licks, there will be better days eventually. It paid off for us. Everyone got their licks in a few years ago, and now Bama just finished the Revenge Tour 2008. Who is to say Auburn can’t turn it around also? I liked it when we all thought Tubby would stay. Who knows? Maybe Auburn will get it right the first time with this hire. But this is a very important hire for Auburn. It will have to be someone who can rebuild quickly. I don’t believe Auburn will give someone 4 years to work with if Saban keeps doing what he is doing.

  3. 4

    Julio, all trash talk aside, I really do not wish Auburn to struggle. I thought Tubby would turn it around and we would finally see Alabama and Auburn be really good at the same time. Who knows? Maybe the Auburn hire will be a good one, Saban stays, and in a year or two the west will be decided in the Iron Bowl. That would be great for our state, and it would give the Iron Bowl more importance and national attention. Okay, back to my regular scheduled comment. Roll Tide! Auburn Sucks! Hire Croom!

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