Alabama vs. Utah for BCS title?

Here’s a scenario/debate that could result in Alabama playing Utah for the BCS title. From the LA Times (via The Big Lead): What if Alabama hands Florida a second loss in Saturday’s SEC title game and three-loss Missouri shocks Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game?

This would leave undefeated Alabama headed toward the Jan. 8 national title game but needing a BCS playing partner.

Everyone assumes Alabama would play Texas.

Not so fast.

Texas didn’t even win its conference.

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    Don’t mean to change subject but just seen in LSU paper that Trent Richardson will be on lsu campus after christmas with Rueben Randle on a visit.Russell Shepard will be there host.Sure hope we don’t lose Trent and Rueben would be another great wide out.

  2. 2

    JW, Trent is in the bag, most of these guys are just taking some of their visits to get the royal treatment, who in their right mind would want to play for the mad hatter? I give him one more year, he is a foul mouthed, inept, yankee dog turd whose stock is dropping faster than the CEO automakers paychecks and whose fans are already starting to turn on him, what is the feeling over there right now about Miles JW?

  3. 3

    Richardson has been loyal for months now. and after seeing the win against LSU he will probably stay with us. LSU has had a crap year and Richardson knows who will be winning championships in the SEC west in the Future.
    And yes Miles is a Meauxron.

  4. 4

    Not very good Bamaman.. Miles is not saying much right now but fans want new defense coaches.A lot of bickering on side lines after ark loss.He has one more year to get it together or he will be gone also.. People here are really pissed off right now and i go to work with my bama flag flying rubbing it in there face…I freaking love it…ROLLLLL TIDEEEEEE

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