AHSAA & Alabama Sports Foundation are idiots

Remember the day when you could watch the Alabama high school football Super Six on television? Not anymore. If you aren’t on a cable system with CSS Cable Network, you won’t see it on television. I’m not going to give up DirecTV to watch high school football. This is my first year to not cover the games in person and I was looking forward to seeing some of the excitement on television. Being able to watch the Super Six provides exposure for the students and the schools. Unfortunately, something other than promoting football drove the decision to change the television arrangement. I wonder what it could have been? I wonder if green was involved?

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    Next they’ll be showing dutch creek elementary games instead (a jefferson county public school) Whoever makes these decisions needs to be fired or dismissed immediately. Neil Daly, are you in the middle of this? I know, how about a colorado university student – teacher game?

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