UNDERWAY: Tubs future in balance

The Gold Mine has reported Tommy Tuberville has entered meetings with Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs. Tuberville is expected to present a plan to lead Auburn to improvement following the 5-7 disaster.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Jacobs is doing what he should do. As much cabbage as Tubberville makes , yur dang right he should perform. And if he doesnt have a good plan, a reasonable plan, a smart plan, invoving inner circle cannings, maybe he should go. I think hes earned another year. But he has to have a plan in place. Pat Dye fired his old college roomate and best friend. Its a business. Plain and simple. Its a shame that the players are exploited like they are. But it all comes with the scholarship.

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    Make no mistake about it.
    Tommy Tuberville holds all the cards in this little quid pro quo.

    First the buyout. Not just his, but his assistants. (I will address that later…)That is a alot of money to payout on the iffy propostion that a new coach might do better.

    2nd. Who is the new saviour if CTT takes the checkout lane?
    A top tier Coach will require even more money and benefits than Tuberville did before he will come. (Auburn went deep into its war chest to make CTT happy and now everyone will make a stab at seeing how much of that money they can get.)
    Even a mid tier or unknown Coach, will require certain gaurantees of time and bonuses, that is a given considering Auburn’s fickle attitude toward Coaches and assitants the last few years.
    And finally a “Diamond in the rough” coach probably wont be able to take the ingredients that Tuberville uses and build a .750 winning percentage.

    Now back to the Assistant buyouts… I am sure it isnt a great deal of money but there are also 2 OC’s on the payroll. And whenever the new Coach comes in ALL of his assistants will be on the payroll too….
    It is a costly propostion that will run in excess of 20-30 Million easily.

    So, this is pretty much a non-issue. They can pull Tommy T. into the meetings and light his cigars and pour his brandy and come up with the next year’s gimmick to sell to the Fans and alumni, BUT
    Tommy Tuberville has a free hand to do what he pleases. Even Jay Jacobs and Co. will be stepping andfetching for CTT because…
    Not only are they forced to keep him or pay a HUGE price, But Tommy Tuberville alone has the ability to run Auburn’s football program into the dirt if he decides it.

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    Auburnisajoke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian.

    Isnt regions stock (like all other banks) , in the crapper right now ? That would explain a lot about not buying out a 5-6 mill contract on Lowders part. But 20-30 mill, not crackin tmc1, but dont you think thats a little high ?

    And as Bama fans are learning, a universities football program cant afford not to win.

    In an independant article through ESPN earlier in the year, they listed Auburns football program in the top seven nationally in net profit through thier football program. Again, IMO Tubbs has earned another year, but, I believe that they could afford a 4 mill a year contract just as easily as Bama.

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    10-20 million is modest…
    think about the length of the contracts that Auburn will have to offer to the new HC AND his assistants.
    The amount of money to pay all the buyouts and the buy ins with guarantees is staggering my friend.

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