Tide basketball is pathetic

Alonzo Gee scored 11 of his 13 points in the second half as Alabama held off a furious Alabama A&M rally to win 64-56 on Tuesday night. Read the AP brief here and a link to another view of the game below that.

And what do Alabama fans think of this showing? It makes them want to puke.

It’s the same old story… laziness in transition, lack of motion on offense, have a hard time blocking out for rebounds, and turnovers galore. Watching us play makes me want to puke… there’s no passion on the court, from the bench, and that translates to no passion from the gathering in Coleman. I hope everyone that attended was comped for the game as no one should have to shell out money to see that.


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    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again:

    If you care ANYTHING about Bama basketball (longterm), stay the heck away from Coleman Coliseum this season. And if Mark Gottfried is back next year, NEXT SEASON AS WELL.

    The Athletic Department knows full well how pathetic a job Gottfried is doing, but until the turnstiles stop turning, they have no reason to fire him, especially in light of the football team’s success.

    But again I beg you, stay away from Coleman, and let this pathetic team play in front of a bunch of empty seats. Those players deserve better than what Mark Gottfried can give them.

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    funny. can anyone tell me the difference the antione pettway hire has made???

    anyone remember kevin scarbinsky’s column claiming gottfried conducted a national search for an assistant before settling on pettway???

    (hope i didn’t make you snort your coke)

    seriously, did anyone see them play??

    i wonder how steele looked.

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