Scouting the Gators’ offense

Eight in the Box provides a few rules of thumb for watching the Florida offense. It is an excellent breakdown of Florida’s offensive tendencies. Here’s a sample:

Watch the tight end to determine if it is a run or pass (exception to rule – tight end on the same side as running back and twin set with a single receiver opposite side – Florida likes to throw the fade to the single side to try and take advantage of man to man coverage). If it is a pass look to the side of the field where the motion man is going to see where the ball will be thrown.

That is only a small portion. Go check it out. Excellent read from an excellent blog.

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    That was a very insightful read.
    Bama needs to punch them in the mouth earyl and often and knock them in the dirt at every opportunity. If Bama goes in at the half ahead. They may win it.

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