In or out? Tuberville’s fate STILL uncertain

Tommy Tuberville is safe! Tommy Tuberville is fired!

Both of the above were from phone conversations I had today with Auburn supporters. Both assured me they had 100% reliable inside information—deeply trusted sources within the Auburn athletic department.

I questioned both, and my gut didn’t lead me to lend more credence to either.

I’m not sure even Auburn administrators know what to do with Tuberville.

Take for instance the conflicting information flowing out of Auburn today about whether Tuberville met with officials about the football program or didn’t meet.

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In the afternoon, beat reporters were told by sources no meeting took place. Then tonight Auburn released a statement saying a meeting did take place and more meetings would come.

Why the discrepancy in what sources were saying and what happened later in the day?

Could it be Tuberville haters are heavily pushing one last attempt to topple the Auburn coach? If so, is Auburn president Gogue the roadblock? And where is the public support Tuberville enjoyed during the last attempted coup?

(NOTE: I’m including this morning’s O-A News report on the Auburn coaching situation. It is outdated with the continuing to develop information, but I think it is useful to give context to today’s developments. Here’s the entire report, note especially this line, “It won’t be today (Monday), as Tuberville will be out of town recruiting, but Tuberville said it likely could be sooner than later because of the publicity and all that.”