Saban is pathetic; Kiffin is Shula?

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Saban is pathetic writes JCCW:

His rage and desire are that of a drug addict, lashing out because his otherwise perfect world can’t give him a fix yet. Complex, maybe, but I don’t find his anger terrifying. It’s first machine-like–angry because his hardwiring programs to be angry–and, frankly, pathetic.

One of the best Alabama blogs is trashed and Tommy Tuberville is said to have ‘gutted the Bama Nation’ according to Track ‘Em Tigers.

Notice a common denominator in those Auburn fan missives? How about these sour grapes from SEC Football blogger?

Here is a reality check. Alabama is very lucky to be undefeated. They are very young. My pick is that they will lose against Auburn, who has great talent. Auburn also has a coach that has a history of handing it to the Tide and rising up in games that his job is on the line for. There is a zero percent chance that Bama will beat Florida. If they lose to Florida and Auburn, it is bye bye BCS and hello Outback Bowl.

Lane Kiffin is Mike Shula?
REPORT: Source says Kiffin next Vol coach

Earlier this week we wrote that Lane Kiffin could be a good hire for Tennessee, but the biggest question is whether Kiffin could manage the program. We pointed to Alabama’s problems and this year’s debacle in Michigan with Rich Rodriguez.

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Thursday, Ron Higgins blasted Kiffin calling him unqualified for the Tennessee job. He went further comparing Kiffin to SEC stars like Ed Orgeron and Mike Shula.

We know how that horror movie turned out, don’t we? Three seasons of players being verbally abused, a third of Coach Ohmygawd recruiting classes quitting or becoming ineligible, and the rest of the SEC wondering what the Ole Miss administration was smoking the day they hired Coach 0-for-the-SEC…

When Alabama was shopping for a coach after firing Mike Shula (in some respects a Kiffin clone), Alabama athletic director Mal Moore knew his job was on the line if he didn’t sign Saban. Moore, with an open checkbook, knew he couldn’t come home to Tuscaloosa if Saban, then the Dolphins’ coach, wasn’t on the plane with him from Miami.

Rain clouds Iron Bowl forecast
The possibility of rain during the Iron Bowl cannot be ruled out according to forecasts.

IRON BOWL/SATURDAY: Rain should be widespread across Alabama tomorrow morning, with the rain tapering off during the midday or early afternoon. Is there a chance the rain could be over by the Iron Bowl? Yes. Can we promise that? No. This is always a difficult call, and relying on model data can bring some pretty rotten forecast results. But, I do think the heaviest rain will come before game time. See Dr. Tim’s post below… model trends have been pretty clear.

So, for the 2:30 Auburn/Alabama game at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, we will forecast a cloudy sky with a chance of some light rain or drizzle, and a kickoff temperature of 60 degrees. Even if the rain ends before game time, the field will be pretty wet, and tailgate parties will be wet as well. I hope your tent doesn’t leak.

You can also view a historical record for the coldest Iron Bowl games at

Update: Link
Hit post before I added this link. Check out’s podcast with Iron Bowl legend Van Tiffin.


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    “My pick is that they will lose against Auburn, who has great talent.”

    Great talent gets you 5-7? Auburn is lucky that Tuberville does not have mediocre talent!

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