Ford: Thankful to be Bama fan

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By Hunter Ford
It’s Turkey Day eve and Iron Bowl week. I’m thankful to be an Alabama fan and not a cud chewing fan of that cow college in southeast Alabama.

Whereas Alabama is a champion show dog of college football and always will be, that other school is a mangy mongrel.

I’m thankful that Alabama is poised to end a six-year losing streak to the All-Barn farm cats. I’m even more thankful for the circumstances that have led the Crimson Tide to this point.

The trials and tribulations we Tide fans have endured, through the Dubose, Franchione, Price and Shula fiascos, have only served to make us stronger. You can’t enjoy the sunshine as much when you don’t get a little rain.

Au-buh-run fans love to jeer at Alabama fans’ devotion to history. I’m thankful we have such an illustrious history to fall back on during the lean years. When we find ourselves in times of trouble, Wade, Thomas, Bryant and Stallings whisper words of wisdom to us…let it be…things will be better.
History proves that Alabama cannot be held in check for too long. And when it comes out of one of its down times, the Tide roars back with a mighty tsunami of venegance.

Alabama is 11-0 and numero uno in all of college football. Alabama Polytech found itself undefeated in 2004, and that illustrates one of the key differences between a wannabe program like theirs and a true college football power.

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In 2004 Cow College coach Tommy Tuberville literally had to fabricate a national championship for his team. The “People’s National Champion?” … oh, please. Alabama started this season in the bottom of the top 25, much like API did in ’04. The difference in what has transpired for Alabama this year and what happened to API in ’04 is the difference between the respect given to a bona fide elite program and the indifference shown to a perennial also-ran.

I am thankful that Alabama has 12 national championships in its trophy case, and I am not one bit shy about claiming all of them. Alabama could have had more. The Tide was well deserving in 1966, 1975 and 1977.

I’m thankful that Alabama has already clinched the SEC West title, but I’m more thankful we don’t order rings to memorialize a division championship. Barnies even go so far as to celebrate a so called “co-division championship.” There is no such thing as a co-division champion, you go to Atlanta or you don’t.

Alabama will make its sixth appearance in the SEC championship game. If the Tide prevails it will be its third SEC Championship game victory and its 22nd SEC title. Alabama also has four conference titles from the old Southern Conference of the 1920s.

I am thankful that Alabama has more conference championships than any other SEC school. I’m thankful that the Tide owns a winning record against all other conference schools and more bowl appearances and more bowl victories than any other school period. Did you know that Alabama still owns a five-game lead in the series with Auburn even though Alabama lost seven of the first ten games in the series and the past six? Yes I’m thankful for Alabama’s current success, and its past greatness. I am truly happy that I can be a thankful Alabama fan, as opposed to an Auburn fan, perpetually wishful.