Mark Gottfried is a disgrace

By Intheknow72
Nick Saban doesn’t have time to watch basketball. He’s too busy breaking down game film, breaking down opponents, and breaking up coaching staffs around the SEC. But if he did have a free minute and happened to turn on the ole TV tonight to take in the basketball version of the Crimson Tide, I can only imagine what might have run through his mind, and across his lips. It might go something like this…

“Did number 21 (Hillman) really just jog back on defense in transition—letting three Oregon players run by and score easily?”

“Why did 40 (Coleman) attempt to save the ball under his own goal with nobody else back?”

“Has 40 EVER attempted a free throw before?”

“Did I just see 12 (Gee) almost airball a free throw? Isn’t he a senior? Is he gonna hit one tonight?”

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“&^#@!*, ANOTHER travel by 12?”

“So that’s our offense?? One pass and shoot a crummy shot?? Are you kidding me?!?

“Is this game really over at the 9:30 minute mark?”

“Who the @%$ is the coach of this team? Is anybody coaching them at all? Oh wait, there he is…sitting on the bench?!? Just sitting there?!? Why the &*#@ isn’t he doing anything to increase this team’s intensity? And why did that piece of #&!@ let Oregon rattle off a 14 point lead before calling a timeout to stop the momentum?? Are we paying this schmuck?!?”

The fact is, thankfully…or should I say, hopefully for Mark Gottfried’s sake…Saban doesn’t give a rip about basketball. But the contrast between our football and basketball coaches is about as stark as the difference between a match and the sun. Can you imagine Glenn Coffee just jogging after a defender after an interception? Can you picture, even for a minute, Saban’s Tide looking lethargic, deflated and without any resemblance of enthusiasm, with him just standing in one place on the sideline, not saying anything?

Case in point, our basketball program has no direction, no vision and no gleam of hope of getting better with this buffoon at the helm. Bama basketball is a total embarrassment, led by a former player who’s a nice guy, but a loser. Sound familiar? It’s just too bad Sylvester Croom can’t coach the basketball Bulldogs to a win against Bama, so that maybe getting Croomed would finally grease the pipes in Tuscaloosa and get Gottfried fired. But one thing’s for sure, come January, when Saban is courting his prized recruits around the Capstone, and the Tide is playing in Coleman Coliseum, he’ll find something else for them to do.


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    I’ve been boiling over this horrible lost to a bad Oregon Club. All the lies and bullshit from Mark about how this “is going to be the year” – yada – yada- you can bet the suck ass media will prop this travesty up – at least this Fan in the street will not bull shitted or BOUGHT.

  2. 2

    “Mark Gottfried is a disgrace” (by intheknow72)

    Did you just now figure that out? LOL

    Unlike Florida, Bama has a “Good Ole Boy” & “Good Ole Girl” network that keeps around a lot of under performing coaches.

    Unlike Florida some of our Media in Alabama helps under performing coaches (and others connected to them) keep their jobs much longer than they should.

    But BAMA’s not Florida and theirs a lot of “Good Ole Boys” and Good Ole Girls” happy about that today.

  3. 3

    That’s right. We are in a “cold war” with all the schools that utilize lottery money and richer alumnus to fuel their programs like Florida. There has got to be an champion attitude about ALL their Sports. Just being competitive in Football is not going to get it anymore.

  4. 6

    Marquee coach would be nice, but I will take a an up and coming, unproven but hungry coach. We KNOW what Gottfried can…er…can’t do. Somebody else might be better. Can’t get much worse.

  5. 7

    what’s sad was the play of ron steele. if he can’t improve on his mobility and quickness, his multi-million dollar nba career that was once an afterthought is gone with the wind.

    let’s all go back to gottfried’s claims in february that ron was “the best player in practice”. let that turd boil in your soup for a few minutes.

    and give gottfried credit for being the used car……er, recruiter he is. after that debacle he was still able to con ron’s parents into letting their other son sign with him too. slick.

    but the unfortunate reality is that oregon was a team that knew squat about us yet adjusted to what we were doing and pounded us. a true freshman schooled anyone we defended him with and they were constantly running ron thru screens as if it were some sick joke.

    but the joke’s on us. gottfried’s still cashing those checks. and now the fanbase wants a bailout.

    and there’s not but one way you’re going to get it.

    i’ve said it once, i’ll say it again. if you as a alabama basketball fan show up at those games this season, you’re telling the athletic dept. you approve of what’s going on there.

    stay home.

    and remember who told you so.

    (and has been telling you so)

  6. 8

    That’s right. Stay home. As long as the suckers show up and keep the fiscal side in the Black – I really think as the losses start to pile up that this Story is going to morph into a Hurricane. The Fan Base is ready for the hanging and the suck ass media better pull up their knickers.

  7. 11

    Good call, finebammer. You started the charge, and I second the motion.


    The only thing Mal Moore will notice is your butt not being in a seat at Coleman Coliseum. Gottfried has had his chance; his time is up. Time to hand the keys to someone else who might, just might, bring the fundamentals of basketball back to Tuscaloosa.

    Wimp Sanderson probably hasn’t been able to watch that mess we call Bama basketball in years. I’d contribute $1000 myself if we could get Tubby Smith.

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