Alabama notebook: Embracing the rivalry

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A practice update and notebook items from the Dothan Eagle. Included is what Tide players think about preparing for Auburn’s offense: Greenwood said the statistics of Auburn’s effectiveness on offense are misleading. “It’s really hard to prepare for that offense. Everybody just has to fit their gaps,” said the senior from Prattville. He added that’s not always easy. “You want to shoot out of your gap and make someone else’s tackle. You can’t do that. You’ve got to stay disciplined. Coach talks about that every day.”

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    Where in the hell is the smack talk, bammers??? You’ve got the #1 team in the country headed into the IB, and all you have to do is beat a pathetic 5-6 Auburn team in your own freakin’ stadium. Are you bammers so freakin’ shellshocked by the streak and Tubs’ dominance in your stadium that you’re scared to talk some smack about how you’re gonna spank Auburn’s a$$??? I wasn’t scared to talk smack before the 04 Iron Bowl, even when the game was being played at Bryant Denny. I told every bammer I could find that Auburn was gonna spank that a$$. No, all we get from you freakin’ pansies is “one game at a time” and “Auburn’s offense is really hard to prepare for.” Are you so damn scared that you think you will jinx the team by talking some smack??

    BTW, it doesn’t take any guts to talk trash AFTER the game. You gotta be willing to be brash and cocky beforehand, just like the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Whoooooh!!!

  2. 3

    How much do you want boy,

    One of you barneys has stated BAMA has it all to lose and uburn is suppose to lose. You have much to lose. The complete number seven will come home with you Saturday. A completed losing season. You will get what has been coming and you can cry, piss, cuss, and spit all the way back to your double wide. This is your heritage. Love it or run from it. We could not care less. You will lose and you well know it, and we well know it. The only question is whether Saban will play the third string or allow complete humiliation.

    It will be so sweet to look at the imposter’s looks during the game. The guilt of his classless acts of holding his fingers up going into the tunnel will bite hard. I could be wrong. He may not realize his ignorance since he thinks he is actually running an elite college program. Of course, you are just as ignorant. Or you may be just as stupid. It is one of the two.

    Do you actually believe you have a chance? Why? Just one coherent reason and I will listen. Is it because it’s a rivalry and you can throw out the records? You better wait to use that one until uburn has at least a winning record.

    Will Codi throw interceptions or touchdowns? How many times will Fannin (spelling may be incorrect) put the ball on the ground? What do have to beat anyone with? Think about your play makers. Who are they? Where are they? Who is your coach firing at the end of the game to keep his job? Watch the heads drop.

    As far as Florida, you and they know the drill. There is not one BAMA coach, player, or fan afraid of Florida. We will let Tebow know he went to the wrong school. The same as you. Your new boy Meyers will finally find out what the SEC is about. Your new boy Meyers, because he will be all that stands in our way of number 13. How many do you have?

    Rammer Jammer from coast to coast

    Roll Tide Roll without mercy

  3. 4

    Julio says: we have a pathetic 5-6 team soon to be 5-7 and I want to hold Ric Flair’s cock in my hand and I am a homo

  4. 5

    See bamabarn, you had some pretty decent smack going….and then you had to blow it by inserting the personal insult, thus revealing that my post got under your skin. Oh, will you bammers ever learn.

    I still love the bammers reference to Auburn fans living in trailers…as if there was any doubt that if we polled every trailer park in the state that it would reveal that 90% of the toothless occupants were Bama fans.

    A loss will sting like nothing you have ever known, won’t it bamabarn?? Your precious dream season flushed down the tubes. Watching Tubs and the Auburn players strut of the field waving 7 fingers in the air. Knowing that the Alabama messiah will have a meager 2-5 record against Tubs. Asking yourself over and over again that if Bama couldn’t win this year, when can they win?? Kinda makes you nauseated just thinking about, doesn’t it??

  5. 6

    The reason Bama does not talk much trash about the Iron Bowl this year is because we have much bigger fish to fry. I know Coach Saban preaches,”One game at a time”
    and not looking forward and all but Auburn is the worst team we have played this year. It’s important for players to take it one game at a time but why should fans? I’m looking at the SEC Championship and the possibility of going to Miami. I’ll take Auburn more seriously when they field a quality team. Six years in a row is big to Auburn because that is all they have left to fall back on. Their program is on a downward spiral and their head coach is on his way out. They can not afford a coach that could compete with Saban even if there is one out there some where. If by some miracle Auburn does win the game it would be because Bama played so poorly and handed it to them. Auburn’s talent level has dropped so significantly that they have trouble matching up with Bama or any other significant SEC squad. It is a little sad considering the teams they have fielded in the last two decades. An Iron Bowl win is not going to change what is happening at Auburn, only prolong it. Bama is on its’ way back up where it belongs while Auburn is quickly returning to its’ birthright of underachievment and mediocrisy. Talk all you want Mr. Julio but your sad little team would have problems with Tuscaloosa High School football, much less the consensus number 1 team in the country in every poll. ROLL TIDE another century!

  6. 7

    Nice to see the little Aubbies back in thier natural role of “Somebody, PUHLEASE LOOK AT ME!”

    Smack… no problem
    What is auburn gonna do?
    Nothing… maybe a chop block. Maybe a few breaks from the refs.. Other than that? One long afternoon of injuries and head scratching. Afterward? humilation.
    nick Saban will call off the dogs in the 3rd quarter and Aubbos will think they have a chance to win. And then a nice long drive down the Tigerlilys throat just to drive the point home. By the 4th quarter Auburn will be going through the motions and Greg McElroy will be leading the offense slowly down the field for Bama. Tuberville will be like Fat Phil, Houston Nutt, Bobby Petrino, Les Miles, and Mark Richt. He will pull out every trickery known to man. It wont matter….Why?
    You got no offense… Your defense is anemic. You have no kicker. You have no secondary. You have nothing. Nothing.
    If and I say IF Auburn wins it will be another fluke like “Punt Bama Punt”
    and sadly for AU that is one of thier great signature Iron bowl wins. It was a total fluke and accident they won. And yet they act like it was the most dominant game they ever played.

  7. 8
    Ballplay Indian.

    Uhhhhh…..Tmc1 , were you alive in 2002 ? Tre Smith……….Hold it…….Thats right TRE FREEKIN SMITH !!!!!!!!!!! You know the short white guy ? Ran roughshod all over yalls butts. Please continue to count your chickens before they hatch.

  8. 9


    You asked for smack, and I returned it. Why was that a personal insult? I am sorry you live in a home that was built and could be moved in less than a day. I guess you should have gotten a better education. Of course, that is par for the uburn nation. The spread could not be installed in one day so you burned that house under construction down and pulled the trailer back down on the plains. Even though, your great Tubberville admitted the old trailer was not getting it done, and now that you are back in it, the children are confused.

    One win could make your whole season and one loss could break the chance of number 13 for ours. I guess you and yours are correct. We have something to lose that you will never have a chance to win, and I mean never. If by some fluke miracle (the entire BAMA football team comes down with the flu) uburn wins, you will be vindicated in your mind. You will be 6-6 and in your rightful place. Some years you may do a better and some years worse, but you will always be in the middle fighting Ole Miss for that role. Love it or run from it.

    One more thought. Are you saying the people in the parks are more intelligent than the entire uburn nation? The records speak for themselves. You can obviously read, but comprehension and reason are lost. Would you pick uburn on the stock market or BAMA? Something like a blue chip or a .com. I could help you get out of that park if you would listen and could understand. You are the one who said I made it personal.

    Rammer Jammer from coast to coast

    Roll Tide Roll without mercy Saturday

  9. 10

    Ballplay, you are assuming Auburn will win, you are using the past as an example, wait a minute….. you are doing the same thing you are accusing Bama people of doing! TRE FREEKIN SMITH is not on the roster this year. Neither is JASON FREEKIN CAMPBELL, RONNIE FREEKIN BROWN, heck you don’t even have BARNDON COX either for that matter. You keep dreaming of Auburn games past, while Bama drags your tired ass defense up and down the field THIS Saturday.

  10. 11

    Ahhhh, the bammers kneejerk reaction of fabricating excuses for an Iron Bowl loss has already started. The funny thing is that you bammers are so blinded by your own insecurity against Auburn that you didn’t even notice you were doing it. Nateg has already developed the pre-fabricated excuse of Bama playing poorly and thus “handing it to them”. (BTW Nateg, if you’ve got the greatest coach in college football there’s no way that he would allow his team to “play poorly” and “hand it to them” against their arch rival. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.) tmc, in an utterly predictable response, has already pulled the trigger on blaming the refs. All of you bammers have consistently preached that an Auburn win would be a “fluke”.

    Don’t any of you have the guts to simply say that Bama is going to crush Auburn without qualifying your prediction by throwing an asterik in your post like “unless there’s a fluke” or “dirty ref’s”??? I agree with every one of you that this AU team is pathetic, and that Bama has a great team this year. So why can’t you just come out and say that Bama is gonna spank that a$$ without inserting a pre-fabricated excuse for a loss?? Obviously, that streak has gotten under your skin much more than you care to admit. What a bunch of freakin pansies.

    P.S. bamabarn, the personal insult came in calling me ignorant or stupid. You made the trailer comment about Auburn fans in general. See, “personal insult” means to attack a specific person personally rather than a comment about an overall group. You really don’t understand that?? And you have the stones to call me uneducated.

  11. 12

    No Julio. I have stated here and will again: Alabama will beat Auburn and it will not be a close game. Maybe at halftime it will be close, but not at the end. No excuses. If Bama loses, it will be an embarrassing loss for sure. What else do you want to hear? I want you to acknowledge that Alabama has won more NCs, SEC Championships, bowl games, has a winning record against all SEC teams all despite a 10 year lapse in the program. You want to judge Bama in just your little window, but you won’t admit Alabama is the more attractive team nationally, and generally gets more respect. That is just the facts you want to conveniently overlook. BAMA IS GOING TO SPANK THAT ASS and all you will say, well Auburn sucked this year, they should have won. Which is what you call an EXCUSE. Roll TIde. Next Questionâ„¢.

    P.S. You are ignorant (or stupid). That is all.

  12. 13
    Ballplay Indian.

    Brandy,,,,,the point was that yall were heavily favored in that game. We were severelly banged up, and I woouldve gladly letCampbell ride the pine every year with the exception of 04. Why ? because he wasnt very good until 04.

  13. 14

    Julio, Ballplay


    and the only seven fingers you will see being held up is from the Bama Nation showing the inbred barners the number of losses they have this year.

    And Ballplay, everybody on here knows about our bet for your new post name when you lose Saturday, so please don’t remove all doubt from everybody that you are not a man of your word.

  14. 16
    Ballplay Indian.

    Dude, I will be here with bells on. I will concede to a new name with a loss. Dont worry. But what about you ? And that o2 team was pretty underachieving. and young. They lost there games by a wider margin than this years team. And I dare say that on Iron bowl day, this years squad is more talented (injuriesin 02) …..So , I disagree.

  15. 17

    Well, I think Auburn gets its worse loss all year Saturday. Bama wins by 17+.

    Bama 35
    Auburn 17

    That would be close to each teams average score per game this year on offense.

  16. 20


    “You will get what has been coming and you can cry, piss, cuss, and spit all the way back to your double wide.” You and yours, excuse me for being wrong. You are stupid. Not one or the other. That is as personal as I can be with you. Do you understand? Don’t answer. We know now you have a learning impairment, but that is not news to anyone here.

    There will be no excuses for BAMA losing. Why would there? Like I have stated before I could show you the way out of the park. The word never and always should not be used. Those words are for the foolish. I gave you an example of a miracle for uburn to win. I said fluke miracle not fluke play. Here are examples of flukes for Saturday’s Iron Bowl. It will take a fluke play for uburn to get on the score board. It will be a fluke if BAMA does not score 30 plus. It will be a fluke if Gary and Vern do not spend the entire second half discussing the upcoming SEC Championship Game. It will be a fluke if one barney is left in Bryant Denny when the final horn sounds. Since I stated this would be a fluke, you can stay and enjoy the humiliation. It appears you enjoy that type of thing. It will be a fluke if Tubberville does not lose his job after the game.

    Drop the hatred. I have believed a lie and most likely will again, but I was not taught to believe in the uburn dream of being almost equal to BAMA. If I had been taught to believe that lie, I would have changed that wrong when reading and comprehension levels of about a sixth grade level were reached. If you continue on this path, accept your school as one that is and has been a middle of the pack SEC team. Be happy you are a part of the same conference as BAMA. This is much more the rest of the country can say. You get a shot at a traditional powerhouse ever year. Wait and hope for the years the powerhouse and the 2nd tier teams are off, and you can enjoy football in a fashion that more resembles a reflection of your history. To wish for much more is unrealistic.

    I guess some people relish in their stupidity. You are no longer ignorant. You have seen the truth and can not accept it.

    Rammer Jammer from coast to coast

    Roll Tide Roll without mercy

  17. 21

    Since alabama is the the #1 team in the state, (See Arkansas, Georgia, LSU and Ole Miss)
    I am guessing due to on the field performance that Troy has surpassed Auburn as the #2 program in the state. Some very strong arguements could be made there.
    So I have to ask ….. What is it like to compete with Troy for OCs, recruits and statewide rankings?
    If this is what Aubbos consider to be “Elite” they have lost thier friggin’ minds.

  18. 22

    Do you actually believe you have a chance? Why? Just one coherent reason and I will listen. Is it because it’s a rivalry and you can throw out the records? You better wait to use that one until uburn has at least a winning record.

    I have a REASON
    uats offense = DECENT
    AUs defense = GOOD
    uat shooting self barny fife style =PRICELESS

  19. 23

    lets see if the PRESSURE holds up dumbasses! cause if it dont I will take EVERY excuse you have with a COKE and A SMILE

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