Making sense of the BCS (sort of)

Ralph D. Russo of the Associated Press examines “a myriad of dizzying possibilities” in this column (see it all below). Interesting things to consider is the mess in the Big XII and how the epic Alabama-Florida game could have fans screaming for a rematch.


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    I am so sick of hearing abou the quality of football in the big 12. Please. Everyweek somebody “blows” someone else out. And the team they blow out is a team that blew someone else out the week before.
    That is what happens when your offenses score like basketball teams and your defenses allow them to do it. I really dont care to hear Bob Stoops explanation for being in the league with the sloppeist defensive play known to man.

    SEC? Let the analyst say whatever they want. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of watching them eat thier words on a yearly basis when an SEC defense beats thier “golden boys” down.
    With hard nose, smack the taste out of your mouth-syle football.
    Points look nice. But nothing says dominance like a 4th and goal from the 10 yard line and knowing that you dont have a chance at the first down or the TD.
    Dominance is getting slapped down in the red zone again and again and again.
    Dominance is an 80 yard drive and every yard of it was a running play right into the teeth of your defense. \\\\
    I love SEC football.

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    Bingo tmc,
    You won’t see an SEC team get blown out in a bowl game like that game between OU and TT. Great defense is what the SEC is all about and everybody knows that when you play good defense (doesn’t matter what sport) you have a chance in every game. Great defense coupled with a strong running game shortens the game dramatically. Another advantage the SEC has.

    I’ll take an SEC champions against the Big 12 champions any day of the week.

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    Ty from T-Town

    Bush-man, you and tmc are both dead-ass right.
    While other conferences, stack their talent on the offencive side of the ball, the SEC coaches have notoriously if not traditionally placed their best athletes on defence.
    The results speak for themselves.

    Mr. Russo, can spin all the Big-12 south crap he wants, and all the creative BCS-math in the world won’t beat a good SEC defence.

    Guy’s, I am surprised that he didn’t mention Boise State.

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