Coach of the year: Saban or Nutt?

Who deserves SEC Coach of the Year? Houston Nutt is making a strong case at Ole Miss. And anyone want to bet Les Miles will catch some fire for the horrible job he has done managing his quarterback situation?


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    Auburn Man

    It is indeed a sad day when Houston Nutt and Nick Saban are up for top honors and Tuberville, fulmer and miles are on the hot seat.
    Well, at least Auburn still has its high moral code and academics. Which after all are second to none!

    I am Auburn Man and I eat quiche!

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    Laughing my ass off at aurturd man.But seriously MR SABAN is the coach of the year in SEC and should be national college coach of year.I do not say this because i am a bama fan but because look at what he has done in his second year having this team ranked number one and a possible N.C.Every one thought this program was three to four years away well it is not….

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    Dam it was great sitting there watching the rebels kick the hell out of Les miles.I laughed the whole fourth quarter at the look that Miles had on his face …like the dumb face just like the dumb ass coach he is.Way to go REBELS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Bama Fan In NYC

    Nutt or Saban? Nutt or Saban? Nutt or Saban? That’s like asking who’s hotter: Love Hewitt or Jennifer Anniston.

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