Auburn fans are as dumb as their coach

One Auburn blog has declared that Nick Saban doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Right. A rival fan has declared that Saban—the guy who has resurrected an Alabama program, has it ranked number one, has it playing in the SEC Championship game for the conference title, and is two games away from the national championship game—doesn’t understand what’s important to win the Iron Bowl.

Apparently, Saban’s a fool for saying, “I’ve been asked that twice now, and if somebody in this room can prove to me that what happened over the last six years is going to have any effect on what happens in this game, then we’ll talk about it. Otherwise, I think it’s pointless. How’s that sound? It really doesn’t matter.”

According to Trackemtigers:

Why would he say the past games do not matter? If the media and fans are talking about it then it matters. How do you think that coaching rumors turn into coaching changes? When the media gets a hold of a story it becomes bigger. Auburn going for 7 wins straight against the Tide is a big deal, even more so since Bama is 11-0 and looking for a National Title. This is more than likely the biggest game for Bama over the last 20 years. The pressure that is on Saban and Alabama’s players is huge. No one really wants to admit it but it is there. Auburn has made the huge upset before and Tuberville is a great leader. If the Tide finds a way to lose this game, the steak continues and Bama’s hopes for a national title end a week early. Also, what will that say about the Auburn Tigers and the continuing winning streak? I bet everyone in the country would say that it did truly matter.

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I guess that nonsense means it does matter?


Nick Saban can’t control one damn thing that happened before. Can anything he does this week rewrite last year’s score? What about 2006? 2005?


Then I guess it doesn’t matter.

If you can’t control something, why waste time and energy thinking about it? And by not talking about it to the press, Saban is doing something important—sending a message to his players.

Don’t underestimate how important that can be. When a coach says the past doesn’t matter and you can create any future you can dream if you work hard enough, that is a good message.

When your coach goes in front of the press and says no game is a “must-win,” that sends another message. And it isn’t a good one.

It speaks volumes about what is wrong with your program and your coach this year.

Go ahead. Live in the past.

But come next week, the only thing that matters is how hard your players work on the field and how hard Alabama players work.

And what happened last year won’t matter one damn.

So, I’m going to share with you some advice—stop living in the past! You need to stop counting state championships long since useless and focus on what is happening now.

Of course your now is so sucky, I can’t blame you for living in what happened before.

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  1. 1

    Well, all the Auburn fans seem to think that the pressure is on Bama for this one. Well, I think the pressure is on Auburn because they have won 6 in a row, and their fans have been constantly reminding anyone who will listen. Their season has sucked and they want this one to ease the pain, and their stupid coach has run his mouth and held up fingers before the season started. What was it Tubs said? “Auburn hasn’t lost in Jordan-Hare West, and don’t intend to start this year. I know they have the Messiah over their, but he may need to take that day off.”
    I think the pressure is pretty big for Auburn. What would they have if they didn’t have the streak?

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian.

    Whatever…………..If you think Auburn has more to lose, if they lose, your living on the moon. If Auburn beats Bama ,every talking head in the country will jump on yall like white on rice in a snowstorm. It will be ugly. And please stop acting like this game is just another game. Yall arent fooling anyone. Yall know (like the rest of the world) that if you lose , your not “Back”. Only an Iron Bowl victory in the stadium named after your legendary coach ,( ahem, that youve never beaten us in ) will you be considered “Back”. A win over us is all that will make Bama significant again. Period.

  3. 3

    Odd that Alabama is at the top of every major college football poll and hasn’t beaten Auburn yet. Looks like Alabama will be in Atlanta without defeating Auburn.

    A loss to Auburn would be sad, but Alabama is once again among the elite of college football.

    Auburn is the team who must have the win. Otherwise, this season will be worthless. And with the way Tuberville recruits, the future doesn’t look any brighter.

  4. 4

    Bama has a lot to lose, but no one expected Bama to be in this position. On the other hand, Auburn was picked to win the West, and the coaches job is on the hot seat. A loss would ensure a losing season for Auburn. The streak will be broken. The recruiting will suffer even more. Don’t think this isn’t a must win for Auburn. Because it is. I expect to get Auburns best game of the year, at least until half-time.

    I was worried for a bit Ballplay. I thought you might pick Bama to win. I would hate for you to end your streak of wrong predictions here, making it to the last game after being wrong every week.

  5. 5

    “We have an opponent in this state that we work every day, 365 days a year, to dominate.” -Nick Saban

    If you think Saban doesn’t think this game is important, think again. He knows…and will have the team ready to take care of business and bring the earth back on its axis again where it belongs.

  6. 6
    Ballplay Indian.

    Dennychimes. Dont paldgerize Eis “Earth on its axis ” bullcrap. That is an incorrect statement . Yall know Florida is gonna kill you. The SEC cahmpionship is lost. If Auburn wins too, many crazed crimson necks will pull a Jim Jones….Just sayin.

  7. 8

    If you are right (and your track record this year is what, 0-11?) and we lose our last 2 games, that’s still worlds better than you and the rest of the barners predicted, and still much better than anyone in the media gave Bama credit for at the beginning of the season.

    I predict a 2 touchdown win for Bama at the Iron Bowl. But if Auburn somehow comes on top, congratulations on your triumphant return to Legion Field for the bowl. And I also suppose congrats will be in order for Tuberville as I know ya’ll will give him a raise and a contract extension. Maybe Ensminger will be permanent OC. Sounds like a good thing for your program.

  8. 9
    Ballplay Indian.

    Uhhhhhhhh….No it doesnt. Yall turds mistake my loathing for all things Bammer as an all clear signal at Auburn. Not so…….I know that there are issues on the plains. I know that they need to be fixed. If Tubbs doesnt do some firring of the inner circle, then he wont be there long. I know this.

    That being as it is. Auburn could and probably will beat Bama. When that happens, ESPN and the rest of the CFB media will have an orgasm. They all know that yall arent the best team in the nation. And they cant wait until it is proven.

  9. 10

    Cappy, I agree that Saban is saying all the right things in response to questions about the streak. What else could he say? But there’s an obvious reponse to Saban’s following statement,

    “[I]f somebody in this room can prove to me that what happened over the last six years is going to have any effect on what happens in this game, then we’ll talk about it. Otherwise, I think it’s pointless”

    Of course the streak has an effect on this game. The streak greatly increases the pressure on Bama’s players in this game. Even more so in a year when they are clealry expected to win. Also, when a team loses that many games in a row to an opponent, it can start to get in the players heads and make them question whether they can beat the team. Look at UGA and Fla. Fla is still in their head so bad that UGA can’t shake it. It cost UGA a shot at the NC in 02 when they lost to a pathetic 8-5 Zook coached team. Hell, the only year that UGA could even beat Zook was in his last year when his firing had already been announced. That’s why Richt felt he had to an endzone dance just to get his team fired up last year in the Fla. game. The point is that streaks can have a very profound psychological effect on a team, and that effect matters in every game that is played until the other team wins a few. Bear certainly had that going against Auburn in the 70’s until Dye came along.

    Finally, I have to point out the utterly shocking hypocrisy of your following diatribe against Auburn fans: “So, I’m going to share with you some advice—stop living in the past! You need to stop counting state championships long since useless and focus on what is happening now. Of course your now is so sucky, I can’t blame you for living in what happened before.” Yeah, no one’s ever accused Bama of counting on ancient championships and living in the past. Hello Pot, I’m Kettle: You’re black!

  10. 11

    At least someone saw that Julio. 🙂

    I agree the psychological issues are real. That’s why Saban’s comments were smart; he sent a message and telegraphed to fans how he can transform a group of losers into a group with a chance of a victory.

    The UGA-Florida rivlary is a great example of the power of psychology. The dance helped the Bulldogs, but ended up costing them this year as it helped Florida keep its focus and passion.

    So, knowing psychology can be big—Saban is going to try to control it. He might not be able to do it, but at least he is going to approach the situation.

    Amazing how comforting it is for Alabama fans to have someone who isn’t a dumbass coaching the team.

  11. 13

    Seeing how It’s the week before Iron Bowl week, I’m going to refrain from trash talking. Ballplay, you are a great guy and you’re just doing what fans of this rivalry are supposed to do. IF Alabama wins, I hope you stick around and don’t allow all the trash talk that will come, run you away from here.

    With that being said, this is much similar to Saban’s response to being ranked number 2, after the UGA victory. He has the right mindset and mentality going into every game, and it’s rare because most coaches would be stating the obvious rather than stating what it’s going to take to win the game, which is what truly matters most.

  12. 15

    Bama did Shula wrong. He was just about to turn the corner when they canned him.

    P.S. If Les Miles’ victories and NC are all credited to Saban because they were obtained with Saban’s players, does Shula get the credit for Bama’s success this year by the same rationale?

  13. 16

    The only corner Shula was about to turn was the wrong way down a one way street……. If he is that good you (julio) should lobby for Shula to replace Tubs.

  14. 17

    Julio, you are such an idiot, Shula could not coach a win with this years Tenn Titans if he had them, it’s all about coaching, Saban has it, Shula didn’t. You know Shula could not have the third youngest team in the country at number 1 right now. You just worry about the spread eagle at loserville and quit slobbering over our success.

  15. 18

    Julio, one more thing, Auburn did Tony Franklin wrong, Aub lost more after he was canned, so don’t tell us what we do wrong, the mighty Auturds have enough problems of their own.

  16. 19

    Saban was right. The last six years don’t matter unless the players let it matter. Bama’s universe don’t revolve around Auburn like Auburns’ does around Bama. Yes, I would take a loss over Auburn if we could go 13-1 and win the SEC and National Championship. Auburn is just another insignificant program on its’ way down, just like Tennessee. That’s how I feel and that is how Saban feels. He is trying to make the players see it that way as well which is alright.
    Auburn was never even an afterthought to Bear that is why he owned them and that is why Saban will own them. So long Auturds Bama is heading towards greener pastors. See ya in Miami, on TV of course.haha

  17. 20
    Auburn Man

    Of course Bammers are worried.
    Look at the monumental task ahead of them. They must face the mighty war machine known as the Auburn Tigers.
    And every one knows that Auburn is the “Elite” of college football and academics. Even Harvard quakes in thier loafers when compared to the super genuis brains of Lee County. And let us not forget the social aspects of Auburn University. Sure anyone can get Snoop Dogg to show up at thier games like USC. Or Eva Longora big fat deal! But can that get such greats as Northern Railroad?
    You can call me snooty and stuck up. But I am an Auburn Man, and I am better than everyone else. Just ask my butler.

  18. 21
    Auburn Man

    So you are claiming that the “lovliest village on the plains” is full of idiots? I dont like your insinuation young man!
    You will hear from lawyers!!!!!
    I am Auburn Man! And I may have only taken 4 classes BUT I have the finest college degree money can buy!

  19. 22

    All the pressure is on Auburn. The players and their coach have run their mouths and held up fingers, wore their T-shirts, rejoiced in the lack of finishing seasons from Bama. They have kicked Bama while they were down. Now they have had adversity in their program, and they are off track. I can promise you this Auburn team is worried about what could happen in this game. It is time for Auburn to back up all the talk. IF Bama wins, it will guarantee a losing season for the Barn. Plus, the coach is on the hot seat, they are minus a O coordinator, their best receiver is out, and the defense has been banged up all year. Won’t take much to knock the fire out of them this year. If Bama gets a fast start in this game, it will be over by halftime.

  20. 23

    Brando, you’ve posted some pretty stupid remarks on this blog over the past several months. However, your comment that “all pressure is on Auburn” has to be your crowning achievment. See, “pressure” comes into play when you have everything in the world to lose, such as a chance at playing for a NC. “Pressure” comes into play when you have to play a team that you are clearly expected to beat to get to that chance for a NC. “Pressure” really turns up when that supposedly inferior team has beaten you six times in row. Oh, you say all the right things about the streak, and pretend it’s not even a factor, but you and every other bammer out there knows it’s hanging out there like a monkey clinging to your backs. See all those factors are what amounts to “pressure”. Auburn is having a crap season, and the most they are playing for “post season” wise is a chance to go to Bama’s home away from home in Shreveport. They aren’t expected to win, so there’s no pressure in thinking they could blow their big chance. Finally, even if Bama wins it’s only one loss compared to six wins. Oh, you bammers will proudly proudly proclaim that Bama is back and will dominate Auburn for ever more if you win. That’s the same thing Michigan said about OSU and Jim Tressel when they finally got a win in 2003 and won the Big Ten. All Michigan did after that was lose 4 more to OSU in a row, and it’s about be five.

  21. 25

    Julio, spin it like you want to. You really don’t think there is pressure for Auburn to win after winning 6? Alabama has proven that it can handle the pressure throughout this season. It is Auburn has has failed to step up and make a play when it needs to be made. On a consistent basis. Look, no one expected Bama to be where they are, including you. It is the Iron Bowl, and I agree with you that Auburn has a shot. But Bama has been dealing with the pressure all year. They have had a target on their backs the whole season. They have played a lot of teams that are better than Auburn, and won. SO both teams have pressure to win this one. Bama just seems to handle it better thtis year. Your team has a lot on the line also. Wouldn’t it suck for Bama to cause you to have a losing season? Does your coach want to keep his job? Keep talking your crazy Auburn talk. You have a little over a week to enjoy it.

  22. 26


    You forgot to use the word “PUNDIT”
    And who has Bama manhandled after September that they wasnt supposed to?
    SO tell me what makes you think they are gonna MAGICALLY get an OFFENSE that can

    FL 40
    uat 6

  23. 27

    Omni, man, I have nothing to say to that. You got me there. Maybe they will let Bama forfeit, so they won’t embarrass themselves like Auburn has done this year.

  24. 28
    Ballplay Indian.

    I hate to say it………Reeeally hate to say it. But Bama could beat Florida. That high octane offense cant score if the arent on the field. Bama is great at long sustained drives. Im not saying yall will win, but Ill say I wwont give Florida an automatic “W”….

    Getting back to the whol who has more to lose thingy…….Guys, surely yall know its Bama. Im even trying to look at this objectively. If you asked a yankee from saaay Michigan, “Who has more to lose in the Iron Bowl ?”………99 out of 100 would say Bama. And as an Auburn fan, Id have to say it would suck to lose to Bama. But it would just be crap piled on top of more crap. That is the way the season is going. Most Auburn fans are already bracing themselves for a loss anyway. If we won , Im not gonna try to downplay it, It would be awesome. But we arent talking about salvaging seasons. We are talking about who has more to lose. Hands down Bama. Just think guys. If Auburn won somehow and knocked you out of the national championship scene, and then you beat Florida and won the SEC. Would that suck or what ? Yes , a SEC title would be awesome. But to know that Auburn knocked you out of the big show ? Cmon, yall have waaay more to lose.

  25. 29

    Ballplay, believe me, if we get knocked out, it will be by Fla not Aub, but don’t you think us keeping the mighty tigahs on the couch watching everybody else play in a bowl when you were picked to win the west is just downright humiliating???? I think so, Roll Tide Baby!!!!!

  26. 30

    Yeah, I agree Bama has more to lose. A possible shot at a NC. But Bama is not endangering the recruiting, going to fire any coaches, all in all it is very positive. Auburn on the other hand, needs this win for entirely different reasons, none of them positives.

    What I said was Auburn has a lot of pressure to win, maybe more than Bama. I did not say Auburn had more to lose. Auburn has done lost all they could before the Bama game. But the pressure to beat Alabama is there. It is every year.

  27. 31

    BIG blowout nov29 book it/////I have said all dam year UNDEFEATED..NOW look what has happen UNDEFEATED,,BAMA will tear spread eagle a new ass just watch;;With no problem.UNDEFEATED 12 O DAM That looks soooo GOODDDDD…….RTR RTR RTR RTR RTR RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER AURTURDS WE JUST BEAT THE HELL OUT OF YOU]]]]]]]]]]]

  28. 32


    I do think your the kewlest bammer in here but UNDEAFTED? NO! Seriuosly the only way you beat FL is if FL beats FL…. You may get POLYTECH BUUTTT>>>
    YOU MAY NOT! anyway it goes GL and you Sir are a KEWL GUY!!!


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