Auburn fans are as dumb as their coach

One Auburn blog has declared that Nick Saban doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Right. A rival fan has declared that Saban—the guy who has resurrected an Alabama program, has it ranked number one, has it playing in the SEC Championship game for the conference title, and is two games away from the national championship game—doesn’t understand what’s important to win the Iron Bowl.

Apparently, Saban’s a fool for saying, “I’ve been asked that twice now, and if somebody in this room can prove to me that what happened over the last six years is going to have any effect on what happens in this game, then we’ll talk about it. Otherwise, I think it’s pointless. How’s that sound? It really doesn’t matter.”

According to Trackemtigers:

Why would he say the past games do not matter? If the media and fans are talking about it then it matters. How do you think that coaching rumors turn into coaching changes? When the media gets a hold of a story it becomes bigger. Auburn going for 7 wins straight against the Tide is a big deal, even more so since Bama is 11-0 and looking for a National Title. This is more than likely the biggest game for Bama over the last 20 years. The pressure that is on Saban and Alabama’s players is huge. No one really wants to admit it but it is there. Auburn has made the huge upset before and Tuberville is a great leader. If the Tide finds a way to lose this game, the steak continues and Bama’s hopes for a national title end a week early. Also, what will that say about the Auburn Tigers and the continuing winning streak? I bet everyone in the country would say that it did truly matter.

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I guess that nonsense means it does matter?


Nick Saban can’t control one damn thing that happened before. Can anything he does this week rewrite last year’s score? What about 2006? 2005?


Then I guess it doesn’t matter.

If you can’t control something, why waste time and energy thinking about it? And by not talking about it to the press, Saban is doing something important—sending a message to his players.

Don’t underestimate how important that can be. When a coach says the past doesn’t matter and you can create any future you can dream if you work hard enough, that is a good message.

When your coach goes in front of the press and says no game is a “must-win,” that sends another message. And it isn’t a good one.

It speaks volumes about what is wrong with your program and your coach this year.

Go ahead. Live in the past.

But come next week, the only thing that matters is how hard your players work on the field and how hard Alabama players work.

And what happened last year won’t matter one damn.

So, I’m going to share with you some advice—stop living in the past! You need to stop counting state championships long since useless and focus on what is happening now.

Of course your now is so sucky, I can’t blame you for living in what happened before.

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