The days of Nick Saban’s life

What is the defining characteristic of Nick Saban? Work. Here’s a detailed view of Nick Saban courtesy of Rivals. It’s a very interesting read and sums up Saban perfectly: “He scans a schedule of the day’s activities on his desk. Saban loves schedules almost as much as he loves meetings. His world is a nice, tidy box of order, structure and purpose.”

He really is the Adrian Monk of college football. While Tommy Tuberville looked for a shortcut to success via a new offensive scheme and questionable recruiting, Nick Saban was busy working. Based on this season, which method is the better path? And does anyone think Nick Saban would waste time duck hunting?

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    Man, don’t get Julio started. You know he doesn’t like it that Saban is at Bama, and he thinks Saban doesn’t either.

  2. 3
    Auburn Man

    $4 million a year?
    And he is not in my Country Club!
    What is wrong with this man!
    Doenst he know that money crosses all social and athletic barriers!
    Someone needs to give Nick a clue! And that clue is when you have that much money you are better than U of A. And AU for that matter!
    Call me Nick, we’ll do lunch and laugh at the less fortunate. ciao!

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