Mogul fight: Fox vs. ESPN

Media giants spar over the BCS deal as ESPN approaches a deal to land the college football championship. From this AP report (read it all below): Unfortunately, the University presidents and BCS commissioners were not satisfied and they’ve decided to take their jewel events to pay television,” D’Ermilio said in an e-mail statement. “We wish everyone well.”

ESPN had a retort for Fox: “We wish to remind everyone that ESPN is distributed on expanded basic, a product enjoyed by 98 million homes that offers the best entertainment buy in America and that already carries many championship-caliber sports events,” spokesman Mike Soltys e-mailed.

You can safely say no playoff anytime soon. And the more I think about that the less concerned I am. The only thing a playoff would do is empower the NCAA to take more money and power away from power conferences like the SEC. There is no way I want to see the NCAA become even more corrupted with money. The bowls serve a purpose after all.


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