Spurrier to retire?

College Football Talk is reporting that chatter in NFL circles is that South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier may retire at the end of this season.

Here are some things to consider if this happens. First, will Spurrier stay out of football? Can he? Second, if he can’t stay out, where might he wind up and how long would he sit on the sidelines with major job openings available this season?

Is this Spurrier’s last stop?

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    Imagine the coaching fiasco that will take place in college football, at the end of the season, IF this were to happen.

  2. 3

    I think Tubs stays, only for the fact Auburn has no idea who they will hire to replace him. After Saban dominates the state for a few more years, Tubs will be out then for sure. I think Auburn keeps him until they find another good coach. Muschamp is out, so is Patrino. But Tubs will be a lame duck coach until they fire him or he leaves.

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