Forget the Iron Bowl…

Let the previews of the SEC Championship begin. Here ESPNU’s Mike Gottfried and Tom Luginbill preview the Alabama Crimson Tide-Florida Gators championship battle. The SEC championship features a balanced Alabama against a dominating Florida in what amounts to a playoff game for a slot in the national championship game. So I guess we have to forgive the media for looking past Florida’s games against the Citadel and Florida State and Alabama’s Iron Bowl game against Auburn. Here’s the video:

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    Bama Fan in NYC

    We still shouldn’t overlook The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute, and though I know Saban and the players aren’t, I’m sure most of our fans aren’t because we’re still on our official “revenge” tour and we’re one win away from completing the “Tiger Trifecta.” lol

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    I have a seriuos question I would like to see if someone has the BALLS to answer
    what if POLYTECH beats uat? And dont tell me lets see how it plays out becuase I know and you know uat should win… becuase what I seen in the UG game was the one or 2 bad calls from a POLYTECH WIN course they killed their selfs ( xtra point miss ) but I hope someone will finally answer the question…..!!!!


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    Ballplay Indian.

    Auburn has only one solid loss this year to W. Virginia. Thats it. I know I run the risk of sounding like a bammer by saying that, so lets get it straight. We lost 6 games. That is LOST six. Five were last play losses. Auburn could easily win against Bama. And will. Please keep reading your press clippings. I really believe that the team will be looking to Florida. If they are …………..We will win. This is our whole season. Our bowl game. Everything rides on this one. And I can assure you, our team wont be looking ahead. There is nothing to look ahead to. No bowl. No SEC. Nothing. Just the Iron Bowl.

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    I know we can’t look past the Auburn game, but since we do have a bye week, we can briefly consider the Florida game. The pundits are not giving the Tide a chance against the Gators. Remember, they didn’t give us a chance against Miami when we slaughtered them and won our last national championship under Gene Stallings.

    Consider for just a moment: Texas, Oklahoma and Florida all have better players than Alabama. But…..they aren’t as hungry to win as Alabama. We’ve been down for more than 10 years for the first time in school history – We have been racked by scandal — we have felt like we did when Ears Whitworth was our coach in the 50’s. Now Bama is Back and we want that National Championship, we believe it’s ours, and we’re going to take it. The Florida game will be Tim Tebow vs. Terrance Cody, all 385 pounds of him. If they double team Cody, it leaves our other D’s open for a sack. Tebow can’t win the game on his back and he has not played a defense like the Tide’s. This defense is tough, big and fast. Plus, this Bama team finds a way to win. If the offense fails, the defense wins the game, if offense and defense both fail, special teams win the game. If there’s a way to win this Tide team is going to win it. The National Championship game is against Florida. After the Tide rolls over the Gators, Texas or Oklahoma will be the subject of Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer – you know the rest.

  5. 6

    Jesus I ll tell ya one thing OL SHANE can pass out new catch phrases cant he FIRST it was “Delusional” then probably some really stupid ones and NOW……….. its “Pundits” PLease guys THINK FOR YOURSELVES and come up with your own Adjectives or at least dont use the same one EVRY bamma in here uses. It makes your blogs look re-gurgitated

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    Ballplay, for everything you said right above you had to say something wrong:


    Aub has lost 6 (soon to be 7)
    Beating Al is Aub’s whole season (as usual)
    Aub has nothing to look ahead to


    Aub can easily win (bwahahahahaha)
    and will (double bwahahahahahaah)
    Ala will be looking ahead to a real team in Fla

  7. 9

    And one more thing bamaman, I know you wont answer and I know your scared but what is gonna be your response to uat losing to POLYTECH ?????
    im just wondering …………..
    PEACE to You All


  8. 11

    Omni, I think you know me better than that, I don’t shake or rattle, I just roll like the Tide. You may be right on your Fl prediction, but if that is so, imagine what they would do to Aub, probably something like

    FL 80
    Aub 0

    RTR and peace back to ya!

  9. 12

    Omni, I just read your last response, why would you think I would not respond, I always have and always will and why would you think I would be scared? My response would be losing to Aub would be that there is no excuse, they look worse than I have ever seen them, either way my life will probably go on as will yours until the Lord calls me home.

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    Gee, lets recap.
    usually in the 3rd quarter Nick is clearing the bench. And 15 minutes after the game Urban Meyer still has his first string on the field.
    Bama doesnt do a lot of blitzing. And doesnt aim for the end zone every other play.
    Dont get me wrong, bama could try all of these things, but why? Why would you want everyone to see you coming.? If Bama wins by 1 touchdown that is enough.
    Florida will stomp Citadel by 80 points this weekend. Proving nothing.

  11. 14

    Ballplay, I don’t have to read any press clippings to be able to tell Bama has a much better team than Auburn. You are one crazy delusional Auburn fan if you think Bama will never beat Auburn again. But don’t you worry, Bama will be ready. They have shown up to play in every game this year, Auburn will be no different. It is funny to hear ya’ll say “what if Auburn wins, what will you do?” Is that all you have got to say about it?

    Everyone is saying that Bama doesn’t have a chance against Florida, so I can see some of your optimism. But Bama and Florida are good teams who won their SEC divisions. Auburn is not a team that has won much of anything lately, unless you count moral victories. I don’t think Auburn will score enough points. You Auburn people know this too. So, what will you Auburn people do if Bama wins? More excuses?

  12. 15
    Ballplay Indian.

    Moral victories are a bama trait. I know that we cant kick yalls asses till infinity. But Im confident about next week. And what will you say ?

  13. 16

    TiderInsider Says:
    November 18th, 2008 at 5:27 pm
    The real question is, what’s going to be YOUR response to losing to UA this year

    I did expect better from you..
    and thats a PUNDIT answer Bamaman

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    Ballplay Indian. Says:
    November 19th, 2008 at 12:52 pm
    Moral victories are a bama trait.
    Nope, National Championships are a Bama trait. Or have you forgotten?
    You are not a history major are you?

    Aside from that I dont give a shit if Auburn wins. Most Bama fans dont. Up until the last decade or so Auburn was considered a warm up game for the Bowls that followed.
    Welcome back to tune-up game status Aubbos.

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