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    Ballplay Indian.

    Kodi is improving week to week. He will be a good Quarterback soon. I think if the whole Todd starting fiasco wouldnt have happened , he would be much better than he is.

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    Let me give you a brief description of Kodi Burns at the Iron bowl. He will throw 2-3 decent passed for gains of more that 10 yards. He will break off a fair run or 2 and get the Aubbo fanbase a fired up… and then he will have diarrhea of the feet and make some exciting scrambles and (almost break a big run or 2 (almost). But at the end of the day auburn will have some very sickening statistics.
    Kodi Burns isnt, and will never be a good Quarterback at this level.

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    you are right tmc1. Auburn will move the ball between the 20’s and miss a few field goals. Possibly a desparation throw or trick play may get them a touchdown. But I seriously doubt the ability of Auburn to score 20+ points against Bama. It will be a challenge for them to score 10. I just don’t see Auburn making the type of improvement in a few weeks they need to make. They could make it a close game with their defense, but I think Bama does to them what they have done to most everyone else. They will wear them down by the fourth quarter and it will be over.

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    AU failed its ‘growing up’ drive
    Much like its graduates fail thier Bar and Med School exams. As a matter of fact given the weight an Auburn degree carries. Aubbo grads are lucky if they could pass a medical exam. Or a test of the emergency broadcast system, for that matter.

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    Saying auburn failed is probably the exact way to put it.
    But then again, The words “Auburn” and “failure” are used often in the same sentence.

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