Iron Bowl is next

Let the buzz begin. Here’s an AP story hyping the 2008 version of the Iron Bowl. Interesting things in this include Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville admitting he doesn’t like the extra week before the Iron Bowl and Alabama’s Nick Saban saying the bye week probably comes at the right time to heal emotionally and physically. Read the AP story below:


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  1. 1
    Auburn Man

    Does anyone know what # I can call to rent some refs for this game? The homeless bums I bribed… (I meant hired) for the Georgia game only gave them a 100 yards in penalties. They sucked. The referees did not put enough gift wrapping on the game and thus our fine young Auburn Men lost it!


    If anyone needs me i will be at Phillip Marshall’s office… Auburn man is an important person and its been a while since my backside has been properly polished.

    I am Auburn Man. And I am always fashionably dressed.

    Skipper Pilkington-Smythe
    Auburn Polo Team ’87
    Wealth Team Captain 85-87
    Chess Club Sergeant-at-arms ’87

  2. 2
    Ballplay Indian.

    Look tmc1. I hope your prepared for the utter gut wrenching sense of loss that youll feel when Auburn wins the Iron Bowl.

  3. 3

    That seven number you Auburn guys are so proud of and all is going to be how many losses you have. Auburn will be lucky to score 7 points, much less 7 in a row.

  4. 5

    Ballplay, you might as well pick Auburn for their last game of the season since yall will be at home watching the better teams in bowl games, besides you have only missed picking Bama games the past eleven in a row. . .

  5. 8

    What if,

    only somehow uburn could win. Why not pick the imposter and his second and third class players to win this Iron Bowl? There have been many Iron Bowls won by the lesser team. This year could be similar to one of those games in the past.

    Take a hard deep look at yourself barney. This is not one of those years. One of those years is not in your foreseeable future. That Georgia team you had a chance to beat is fading. You have yet to improve at any position. That pass Burns made at the end of the GA game looked like your whole season. Heck, maybe your entire future with Tubberville. Desperation. That pass came out looking like something you would see from a running back. Burns throwing action needs work. There will never be consistent accuracy from his natural motion. That is your future? Better hope for some juco transfer.

    What you have coming is an embarrassment for the ages, and oh yes, it will be sweet. Remember, this is just the beginning. Pick another team or hobby. This is going to bad for your well being.

    Roll Tide Baby

  6. 10

    Or, Ballplay, it could be such a humiliating defeat for Auburn that ya’ll Auburn people won’t show up here again. That would be funny right there.

  7. 12

    I just wanna know what your gonna say WHEN AU wins???????????????????

    HUH CMON PAUL TELL ME what ya think Paul
    say it agian Paul please Paul give some kind of Steven King BULLSHIT story Paul on how Auburns gonna win that game Paul please Paul??? SAYING HIS NAME DOESNT MAKE ME FEEL BETTER.. i am just wondering WHY bammas call his show and repeat his name 20 times in a call ???

  8. 13

    This one is going to be a beating… I dont think Auburn fans will get over losing thier precious streak. Of course, being an auburn Alumni, or fan you would have to become accustomed to losing at football, in relationships, and at life in general.
    Ball play, I noticed yor post above, why did you aim that at me?

  9. 14

    Omni, dang man. You should stop listening to Finebaum. It has really become the “Let’s Laugh at Auburn Show”. Maybe you should stop listening because it is getting to you. If you have faith in your team, if I were you, just shut up and wait till after the game to do your talking. What if Auburn wins? that is your battle cry. Well, if they win, I will congratulate you guys on a great win for your program. It would make your season. But, if Auburn loses, I will laugh my ass off at you guys, and enjoy the continuing meltdown of the Auburn football program. After the last 10 years, you guys are gonna get back what you been throwing.

  10. 15

    HOW BOUT THEM ?????????

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Robert E. Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

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