Expansion: When not if

UA president Dr. Robert Witt said an expansion of Bryant-Denny Stadium is not a question of when, but if, according to the Rap Sheet. “I believe we’ve reached a point where it’s not a question of if,” Witt said, “it’s merely a question of when we can go forward with expansion.”

So when is that when? And how large a role will the credit crunch play in any timetable?

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    Good point regarding construction costs. Most projects I’ve seen over the last five years have seen costs surge due to higher steel prices.

    Steel demand has collapsed in China—and most likely across the globe too. How much of a collapse in prices? All I know is that Nucor and US Steel stock are down substantially over the last year as demand has declined.

    Timing that uptick in the economy is going to difficult. I’ve seen estimates from early 2009 to late 2009 to sometime in 2010 before we enter a recovery.

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