LSU fans guilty of hate crime?

LSU fans who participated in burning Saban in effigy were likely in violation of a Louisiana hate crime statute one columnists writes. According to this column on, all the components for a hate crime violation were in place:

I talked at length with Hardy this week. He told me there was absolutely no doubt in his mind that the hanging in effigy of Nick Sabin was to intimidate, and under Louisiana law, those who participated were guilty of a hate crime. In fact, he pointed out that New Orleans state representative Charmaine Marchand tried to amend his legislation by exempting from the hate crime definition any hanging in effigy related to a football game. Her efforts were unsuccessful.

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  1. 1
    Dave(not that one, the other one)

    That guy continually misspells Coach Saban’s name. And he gets the dates wrong on the trip into the NFL, but other than that, he makes good points.

    Still, nothing will come of this, i’m sure.

  2. 3
    Ballplay Indian.

    There is something in the water over there. They are all nuts. Seriously……I bet Saban was very happy to leave that cesspool.

  3. 4
    Heavily Disappointed in Quantum of Solace

    That’s the difference between Alabamians and Cajuns. The Iron Bowl has always been a heated rivalry, but at the end of the day, the respect is always there. The cajuns however, are possessed. They live to hate whatever is necessary–hate to the point where murder is tolerable. That’s freaking ridiculous if you ask me!

  4. 6

    Did any of you guys see the video of the LSU girls who dressed as Bama fans and recorded their tailgating experience? They said they were groped, spit on, and called vulgar names. I know all fan bases have bad fans, but as Alabama and Auburn fans in this state we can be proud that it rarely gets as bad as LSU. It is one thing to cheer for your team, as in “Roll Tide” and “Raw Eagle” and such, but to have cheers to call the other teams women fans ‘b*tches” and “c*nts” is pretty classless. The LSU chant before the game of “F**k You Saban” was pretty bad. We talk here a lot about Alabama and Auburn fans, but I have never seen an Auburn or Bama fan act as bad as those guys. Although Ballplay gets pretty close sometimes 🙂

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