Freshman Julio shows strength

Would Alabama be undefeated without freshman receiver Julio Jones? Doubtful. He has been a critical element to Alabama’s passing game rolling up big yards for the Tide. Here is a 717-word story on the Tide’s Julio Jones. (Read it all below including what teammates think about Jones dragging defender.)


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    As much as I hate to admit it, Julio has lived up to his hype. That is really rare these days. It’s not his speed or route running that have blown me away (although he has done well in those areas), it’s how physical he is. Even when he’s blanketed, he manages to come down with the ball in one on one coverage. There is fine art to being able to push off of a defender without drawing a flag. A receiver can get away with it as long as he doesn’t fully extend his arms, and Julio has got it perfected. It takes some serious strength to pull it off. Frank Sanders at Auburn was great at that move as well. Here’s one Auburn fan that wishes Julio well in the NFL in the hopefully- not-so-distant future.

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    Thanks for the classy reply. Of course, I agree with you and am glad Bama has Julio Jones, because I sure wouldn’t want him on the opposing team. I’m thankful we probably have 2 more good years with him at wideout.

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    It’s very rare to see a top recruiting class come in and contribute as much as this one has. Julio’s a great example to everyone on this team.


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    I think we have just sen the tip of the iceberg,if you will, of what Julio Jones is capable of. If he stays healthy he could be on the best wide recievers college football has seen in a long time,and ultimately the NFL as well.

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