Gators to face Tide in SEC Championship

AP: Florida will get its shot at No. 1 Alabama.
The Gators made sure of that with plenty of time to look ahead to the Southeastern Conference championship game on Dec. 6 in Atlanta.
Here’s the entire AP story:


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    Ballplay Indian.

    It really pains me to say this. But yall could win. I will predict Florida, because I refuse to pick Bama to win , ever. But , the style of football that yal play is exactly what can beat Florida. Its hard for them to score on defense. And contrary to what I thought at the begining of the year, yall have a great defense. Kudos to Nick. He turned it around in record time. Be proud Bammers………….Dammitt.

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    Ballplay, I disagree. I don’t mean this as disrespect to Bama either, because i truly believe they are one of the 4 or 5 best teams in the country. I simply think Florida is the best team in the country right (so does Tony Barnhart, and he said so in his column today in the AJC.) I think Florida will win the SEC Champ game by about ten points.

    Let me explain why. The LSU game was a great win for Bama, but let’s be real. If LSU had anything resembling a quarterback, Bama loses that game. The kid literally spotted Bama 14 points, and the funny thing was that Bama wasn’t even bringing pressure on him. (that was smart coaching by Saban, by the way). Let’s just say that Fla has a little better qb than LSU. Also, LSU’s defense has really been average at best this year as both Fla and UGA clearly proved. Fla’s defense has been stellar this year. Take away that crazy Ole Miss game, and they are giving up about 9 pts a game. My point is that Bama was as “up” for that LSU game as they possibly could have been, and they eked out a win in OT. Fla is head and shoulders above LSU, and will beat Bama handily.

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    Ballplay Indian.

    julio…..Im not saying I like it. Its hard as heck for me to admit it. But Bama could win it. All the facts you listed are true enough. But there is one thing Ive seen in Alabama this year that I havent seen in a looooong time. They are physical , and they come to play. Nick Saban never , EVER has them in the wrong defensive scheme. He always calls the right offensive plays. He will NOT lose the game for Alabama. Plus, he WILL have them ready. I hate it. I really , really hate it. But its true……They are good.

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    JULIO that was one of bamas not worst but bad games this year and still found a way to win.really lsu qb only threw two hit lsu receiver in chest and bounced out.second was a bad throw for bama td.third was when he was hit while throwing when we came with pressure from outside.fourth was in OT.So really only two in my book.LSU defense could not cover julio,,,he was the game breaker i think. RTR RTR RTR RTR

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    Julio: I disagree about Bama being up for LSU. They played flat and made uncharacteristic mistakes on the road for the first time this year. Yet they did overcome all of it and still won. I was impressed how they didn’t quit. It was not a good game when compared to Bama’s previous road games, but it was a very good win. It is hard to compare the LSU game with what Florida done to LSU and GA though. Look at what Ole Miss did to Florida at home. Bama still has its best game out there and hopefully they can peak just at the right time. Florida still has South Carolina and Florida State to deal with, and everyone just assumed Penn St. would go undefeated. But Bama controls its own way, if they get through Miss St. and Auburn, I think they can win against Florida.

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