Finebaum: LSU fans are the worst

Paul Finebaum on Fox 6 Sports Saturday show called LSU fans the worst in the country. Finebaum blasted the entire fiasco created by LSU fans burning Saban in effigy. He called it pathetic.

“They are embarrassing people, but what news is that?” Finebaum said in the video linked below. “LSU fans are the worst in the country, and I am glad to get out of there alive.”
See the video here.

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  1. 1

    PF should KNOW disrespect! IN is SEARCH for the TRUTH as MOst ….(lookin for word other than journalist) writers CLAIM but in his search he is EXTREMELY DISRESPECTFUL to people and he does it for the same reason LSU fans do . TO PISS PEOPLE OFF!!!

  2. 3

    Finebaum’s Disrespect,

    The difference in a LSU fan and Finebaum; Paul does it for money and the LSU fan does it out of hatred stemmed from jealously. Something similar to you barneys. Although, LSU now has some history that gives creditability to their arrogance. And you have what? Know your role.

    Learn, as I, to love to hate Finebaum’s views not him. He is reaping the rewards of what this state started long before he was even after thought. His enjoyment of stirring the pot and making fun of every fool that falls for his antagonism is all he is about. You are a causality, and he loves it.

    How does it feel to look at the No.1 slot and see ALABAMA in every poll? Know ask yourself, why does it bring out so much hate? The bottom line is you picked the wrong side. Learn to live it. It will be long ride.

  3. 4

    Omni: You are guilty of behaving like Finebaum yourself. Really you are much worse. Just because he is down on your team this year you don’t like him. I bet you liked him when Shula was coaching. Heck, you probably liked every thing a lot better when Shula was coaching. But, as you should know by now, those days are over. But I do give you credit, you are still here being an Auburn fan. Looks like your buddy Ballplay finally gave up.

  4. 5

    What about my Blog gave you the impression I dont like PF??? The TRUTH? I listen to him when I can…. and I enjoy his show especially when YOU GUYS call in and GET him to give every TOM CLANCY scenerio on HOW Tubbs will be fired? LIke blakc ops and shit I think its PURE ENTERTAINMENT….

  5. 6
    Ballplay Indian.

    I havent given up…….But getting to the column. He needs to be more specific. Yes . LSU fans are far away the rudust , foul mouthed, disrespectful, car keyin, tire slashing, paganistic, water moccasin throwing, shrunken head toting, corndog smelling bunch out there. Without question………..But………Even as bad as that is, LSU people cant hold a candle to Bama fans when it comes to flat out obnoxiuosness……Ever.

  6. 7

    My vote would be for Auburn fanbase being the most obnoxious, delusional, insecure loud mouth fans of them all. It is just most people outside the state don’t know who it is that they are rooting for, so they tend to get ignored the most.

  7. 8

    “Even as bad as that is, LSU people cant hold a candle to Bama fans when it comes to flat out obnoxiuosness……Ever.”

    And yet, you are here. You are a hypocrite and just exposed yourself as one by your day to day Bama obsession and continued obnoxiousness. Everyone here knows it.

    Why do you continue to insist on making yourself look like an *ss?

  8. 9
    Ballplay Indian.

    Yes….I am a very obnoxious person. As are most message board posters. Im talking about the entire base/fandom.

    Denny…Im a lot of things, but if you ask around, hypocrite usually dosnt come up when my name is mentioned. A-hole, delusional, idiot, etc…..But usually not hypocrite. And I dont even really try to look like an a–. it just kinda happens man. But really. Take all of my comments with a little humor. Life is too short to be p.o.ed all the time.

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