Nastiness grows in Alabama-LSU rivalry

There are a couple of items to read in this story, first it details the pressure on recruits to stay in state to play for LSU and a status update on Cody (as we are all following that closely.) Read it all below:


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    MT CODY IS BACK AND THAT IS BAD NEWS FOR LSWHO.Now the blitz package will be even better with two to three guys blocking cody.this should open some holes.Also i hope he will be used on offense like before.

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    Bama Fan In NYC

    Les Miles seems like the perfect fit at Coon-ass U. Let him flame and rant about Saban all he wants, because his day is coming soon enough.

    I hope Davis, single-handedly wins this game all by himself and shuts that billboard forehead, ditch digger, Miles, up for good.

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