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Here is the AP video of Phil Fulmer’s statement on being forced out as head football coach. Any thoughts on Fulmer’s word choice? I was intrigued by how open he was about this being “the university’s decision.” Do you think he now understands how Johnny Majors felt?


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    I do not like to revel in the misery of others. If I were this kind of person I would be on here posting things like ..the great pumpkin deserved it…or maybe how does it feel to be playing catcher there Phil? No, instead I want to bring to your attention the phenomenon known in many areas of the SEC as the Saban Effect.

    The Saban Effect can be best described as the “process” of comparing your own football program to that which has manifested itself in the hallowed halls of The University. And as a result of that comparison finding yourself wanting…wanting a better coach…wanting more wins…wanting a great tradition…you get my point. Tennessee is only the latest program to have to look deep into their trouble souls and realize…they just don’t got it. And since they don’t got it…they must set free that which has fallen woefully short of the lofty expectations of glory.

    Phil Fulmer..YOU have been Sabanized!!!

    P.S. They’re coming for you Tommy.

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    Phil Fulmer got EXACTLY what he made happen to Johnny Majors 18 years ago. Never has the phrase “what goes around comes around” been more true. After what he did to Majors, and what he tried to do to an Alabama program he gleefully declared “would soon be out of business,” Fulmer is a son-of-a-bitch who deserves every degree of humiliation his failure as a football coach can cast on him.

    I only revel in the fact that it was Alabama that was able to deal of of the final blows to this blow-hard. And how sweet it is that we sit atop EVERY poll in college football as he sniffled, snorted and boo-hooed before taking his $6 Million buy out. Fulmer, give me a freaking break, you fat bastard.

    I only hope his health fades quickly so he can’t enjoy his fortune. He is a backstabbing weasel who will forever go down as the personification of what is wrong with college football today.

    The Nicktater strikes again. Next up? Tommy Fingerville. Get ready to bend over Tommmy. It ain’t gonna be pretty on November 29th.

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    Oh and Phil, I laughed, even gaffawed, every time you got choked up today and couldn’t speak.

    I hate you you miserable slut.

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    in the know, actually, john majors wishes his tenure could have ended like this, on it’s merits.

    i would remind you that majors was in the hospital while fulmer and ut boosters were cooking up a scheme to stab himin the back and, in fact, did so.

    the decision to fire philip fulmer was in the open and up front. if fulmer didn’t see it coming, his head was in the sand.

    it wasn’t and he did, unlike majors.

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    Good post intheknow. I feel exactly the same way. Not only was he backstabbing his own, he was playing detective and really tried to put the hurt on Alabama. When the NCAA starting sniffing around TN, he pointed them to Alabama. He supplied the NCAA with a bunch of stuff that went back to Bear Bryant. I didn’t matter if it was true. He even tried to say a Bama coach was sleeping with a recruits mother. He hated Bama coming in to TN and getting the best players year after year. All the while, preaching to the TN fans like he was a ‘concerned citizen’. yeah right. The Fat Bastard cried and whined, and it was funny to watch. Kinda like the Ballplay Indian here. GO UT MARTIN!

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    This b@stard got exactly what he deserved. Here’e hoping he doesn’t get to enjoy the money he is about to inherit.

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    he backstabbed and weasled his way to every good thing he got. He reached an all-time high in taking cheap shots and lowballing others.
    I LOVE THE WAY HE IS BEING LET GO. it is like a cancer. He knows what the end will be and is powerless to stop it.

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